The Banana Republic Card Strikes Again with Another Great Spending Offer!


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Banana Republic Visa Spending Offer 2017

I have written before about the Banana Republic Visa card. It carries no annual fee and on the surface doesn’t have much benefit if you don’t shop often at GAP Brands stores. But dig a little deeper and there are some amazing targeted spending offers that surface.

After receiving some decent offers early last year, I have been on a bit of a dry spell with the card lately. There were no offers over the holidays and I had sort of given up hope. Then, I received this in my email:

Banana Republic Visa Spending Offer 2017

This is great news. Basically I can earn 200 points ($2 in rewards) for each purchase outside of their brands up to $50. Since I don’t EVER make purchases inside of their brands this works well. The way I see it, 25 X $.50 Amazon gift card purchases will net me $50 in credit. Not bad at all!

A Better Offer

While I was excited to see my offer (and now have hope of future better offers), my excitement was shortlived when I saw what they gave PF Digest. He is earning 5X points on Gas, Groceries, Dining and Costco! They must just like him better than me. 🙁


The Banana Republic Visa card is one of the better ones with targeted spending offers. While I didn’t get the best offer possible, I’ll take $50 of free store credit any day and I’ll hope for something even better in February! 

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  1. had the card for about a year and a half now but never got this offer. Is it targeted or anyone who has the card? Mine is a Luxe card but I’ve never gotten any email about it.

  2. The old navy card gives me a lot of targeted bonuses as well. For the last three months of 2016, I was receiving $1 in rewards every day that I made a purchase ($0.50 amazon re-load). Plus I earned 5% in rewards on those purchases, on top of all of the $1 bonuses. Earned about $100 – which I spent at the Gap Factory store (B.R./Old Navy/Gap are the same company) on clearance items… which were an additional 50% off the lowest sticker a 20% off coupon. Probably walked out with about $500 original retail for free… 🙂

  3. What is the email subject line for these promos? Wife has card and she gets like 1000s of emails from them, but I’ve never noticed any of these promos.


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