1. Do you know if points from the other cards are combinable with this one (like chase freedom is with the CSR?) That would make this more valuable.

    • I think the only card that would be possible is the no annual fee travel rewards card but I don’t think that is an option at this point.

    • Excellent point Rob! If you are MSing a large amount then that would make a difference and make the AF tolerable for sure. I will update the post….thanks for the comment.

        • You can get straight cash or a statement credit with the new premium card so you don’t need to do the refundable airline trick….that trick does work very well with the no annual fee version though!

  2. I froze my Ex report when applying for Cap One Spark, then forgot to unfreeze it. Would that have any bearing on this?

    • Yes if they pull from there it may. I would call in and see if that is the case and ask them to pull from one of the other bureaus.

      • Y’know, after I posted my last comment, I realized something. None of my credit monitoring services alerted me of any. Refit pulls. So now, even more, I’m hoping I was declined because they couldn’t pull my EX report. I’ll know when I receive their letter explaining why I was turned down. There’s always hope.

        • I wouldn’t even wait for the letter I would just give them a call. Let us know what they say either way. Good luck!!

          • I called today. No one could give me any answers, except to wait 7-10 days for the letter. I’ll probably wait until then. Does BofA even have a recon dept?

          • Btw, in one of my recent comments, my phone’s autocorrect typed “refit pulls.” That was meant to be Experian pulls. I’m hoping that BofA tried to pull Experian, which I recently had frozen. If that’s the case, I’ll just unfreeze it and reapply.

          • 1-866-224-8555

            8am-7pm I would give one of these a try tomorrow if you just called the regular number tonight.

          • Good news. I called recon today, and they confirmed that they’d tried to pull EX, which I had frozen. So, instead of my having to hang up, unfreeze EX, then call back, I asked the rep if she could pull EQ instead. She did, and I was approved, with a$12K credit line. Thanks for your help.

      • One personal, one business. Opened the business card about three months ago. My FICO scores are in the mid-700’s, and I have a checking account with BofA (which I will probably close now).

        • Hmm surprising that you did not get approved. Did you call recon? Have you applied for a lot of cards from other banks in the last 12 months?

  3. Just got the Merrill+ card and yet to meet min xspend. I am waiting to see some data points on this one as far as buying Airline GCs as you mention. Nice thing for me though is having my investments already at ML so I get the bump. Looking forward to more info on this one.

    • Yeah having investments with ML makes hitting the premium banking goals a lot more doable for most. I hope the airline GC’s work…would make the benefit that much better!


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