Baseball’s Most Hallowed Ground!


Day 59 – Monday June 18, 2007 – Boston, Massachusetts

We woke up Monday morning ready to see the infamous Fenway Park. Originally, the plan called for us to see a game in Fenway, but since the Giants and Barry Bonds were in town this weekend, the tickets were way too expensive. Fortunately for us, Fenway Paawk provides tours on non game days. To be honest, there is no way I would’ve missed seeing this place!

Let me start here with one fact that cannot be debated by anyone. Fenway Paawk is an incredible “Cathedral of the Game” of baseball. The first thing I noticed when we finally made it inside, was how small it is. The footprint is tiny and it doesn’t appear that there is a bad view from anywhere. (Unless you have a concrete support beam blocking your view!) The tour consisted of us moving through four seating areas, where at each, we were asked to sit and listen to the guide explain a little bit about the history of the stadium and the team. For fifteen minutes each, we sat on all three seating levels (including the original wooden seats) in addition to the Green Monster.

I have seen several different baseball parks in my short life and Fenway, by far, is my favorite. It definitely would have been an injustice to baseball fans everywhere, if they decided to tear down the stadium. I did feel a little sadness as we left Fenway, since I wished that we were able to see a game there. I will return to you soon Fenway and I know you will be waiting for me! Oh yeah, for all of you Yankees fans, have you looked at Fenway lately? It is definitely superior to Yankee Stadium in every way. (But Yankee Stadium is still pretty darn good!)

I also want to take the time to mention how nice it has been to travel into Red Sox territory. New York was nice, but Red Sox fans are my kind of people. New York just had to many of those hard, loud and obnoxious Yankees fans. Ever since we crossed into Massachusetts, it has been wonderful to see everyone proudly display their love for the Red Sox. Jasmine and Shawn Reece also got into the spirit, by wearing their Red Sox shirts at the ball park. I was so sad that I didn’t have a shirt to wear, since all of my Sox gear was left behind in Las Vegas. Not much more can be said, other than our whole visit to Boston and Fenway Paawk was incredible.

After leaving Fenway, we decided to drive fifty miles south to Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and is the closest thing they have to a big city. Originally, we were going to visit the Riverwalk Park, but upon arriving, it proved hard to find. After asking a few people for directions without any luck, we decided to drive around and take in the scenery before heading back to Massachusetts. Our final stop for the night was Lowell, MA.

In reality, Lowell is still in the Boston area, as it sits about thirty minutes north. Fortunately for us, the hotel we got through Priceline for tonight ($37 plus tax) was the Doubletree. Upon arriving, we enjoyed the comfort of the hotel so much, that we decided to extend our stay another night. Tomorrow we plan to take it easy and hang around Lowell’s interesting little downtown area. Wednesday we will be heading into New Hampshire and Maine. Like I mentioned before, we are moving at a more sustainable pace now. By the end of the week we should be in Canada where we plan to visit Quebec City, Montreal & Toronto!

We want to thank everyone for the comments and emails. Your support is truly appreciated and keeps us going.

The Coomer Family


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