Good News: Visa Gift Cards Returning to Best Buy. Perfect for Maximizing the Amex Offer!

Best Buy Amex Offer Visa Gift Cards
A closer look at the cards. This photo was taken last year but the new stock appears exactly the same.

Best Buy Amex Offer Visa Gift Cards

This past weekend Best Buy had a “Black Friday in July” sale and today they are following it up with a “Cyber Monday in July” sale. While these sales can be good for merchandise, I know some people are looking for ways to maximize the recent Best Buy Amex Offer without buying anything.

Visa Gift Cards

Best Buy Amex Offer Visa Gift Cards
These cards were seen over the weekend.

Usually around the holidays Best Buy carries Visa gift cards, but other times of year they do not. Thankfully, they seem to be getting some in stock in their stores. While I can’t speak for the rest of the country (I am in Las Vegas), I saw Visa gift cards in-stock at 3 Best Buy stores over the weekend.

Maximizing the Offer

If you were able to get the Amex Offer loaded to your cards, then you will get a $30 credit when spending $300 at Best Buy. The Visa gift cards sold can be loaded with up to $200 each with a $5.95 fee. So, if you purchased 3 X $200 cards and split the payment between two Amex cards with the offer you will make some money.

  • Cost: $617.85
  • Minus Offer Credits: -$60
  • Final Cost: $557.85
  • Profit: $42.15

Liquidating the Cards

Best Buy Visa gift cards are PIN-enabled with the PIN being the last four digits of the card number. They work anywhere Visa cards are accepted and may work as a debit card as well. For more information on liquidation, see: How To Liquidate Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards


For those not looking to get the latest electronic toy, this is a good deal to cash in those valuable Amex Offers. I personally am glad to see Visa gift cards make a return to my local stores since they have been a valuable tool I have used in the past.

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  1. Do t forget to scan your shopkick for an extra .004x toward gift cards. It works on two transactions per week. Not sure when the week starts.

    You can split tender up to 10 Amex cards per transaction.

  2. How is it possible to get the same AMEX offer on 2 different cards? Maybe I’m doing something wrong.
    Under my AMEX account I have a Delta Reserve & AMEX Platinum. If I check my offers most of the time I can see the same offer under both cards but once I apply it to the card of my choice the offer its no longer avalible to apply again to the 2nd card.

    How can I get my Best Buy offer on both of my AMEX cards?

      • Ahh really!! ok I guess I need to unlink my cards. I’m sure that will be headache using fingerprint login but it would maximize the offers. Thanks for the tip!

          • Success!! Thank you it worked. I logging in from my phone app and desktop added the offer to both cards at the same time refreshed the page and restarted the app and score, same offer on both cards. Wish I learned that trick long time ago, thanks again.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you (you get 3 since I bought 3 $200 cards). Went to Best Buy and thought these were cards for their store only. Went back to reread the post, then went back and saw the VISA logo on 3 stacks. These are on the rack mixed in with Best Buy gift cards.

  4. FYI. Every store and every region is different. Some stores always have GC stocked. Some dont. Who knows why, but this also happens to eBay and Amazon GCs. Ive checked pretty much everywhere around SFO and LAX. Some have eBay but nothing for Amazon. I have read some stores have Amazon GCs still.

  5. I just found the Visa gift cards at Best Buy Honolulu, HI!! They still have about 15 on the rack. The staff said they only get them for big holidays the cards on the rack are left overs. The island of Oahu has 2 locations Best Buy in Pearl City, HI is a no go.


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