Ninja Tricks: How I Just Saved ~65% (or more) at & How You Can Too!


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Boxed Stacking Promotions

Boxed Stacking Promotions

This morning DDG covered a new Amex Offer for In case you don’t know about Boxed, they sell many food and household items in bulk. The idea is basically to give you the Costco (or similar store) experience without having to actually go to a club.

Right now Boxed has a number of promotions that stack up to a ~65% savings. In fact, I was just able to take advantage of them to get $114.93 worth of merchandise for $41.94 or less. Let’s take a look.

Combining Promotions

Right now, you can get the following promotions:

  • $25 credit with a $65+ purchase with the Amex Offer.
  • Free shipping on your first order.
  • 20% off up to $40 with the code SURVEY10 (apply in cart)
  • $10 off with the code 7HN93KWQ (apply in cart)

Since promotional codes sometimes invalidate cashback, I am not sure if portals will pay, but Top Cashback is offering 8% back at as well.

My Purchase


I had previously signed up for an account and had the $15 credit already, but hadn’t purchased anything yet. To start, I found items I wanted to purchase. My total before any codes was $114.93. Thankfully my credits and the two discount codes stacked. The 20% off code even worked on the before discount amount.

Here is how the math worked out:

  • Items Cost: $114.93
  • 20% Off: -$22.99
  • $10 Off: $-10
  • $15 Credit: $-15
  • Total Paid on Amex: $66.94
  • Amex Offer: $-25
  • Total Cost: $41.94
  • Savings $: $72.99
  • Savings %: 63.51%

*Note: I also earned $2.01 in Boxed Rewards Cash for my purchase!

There is also a possibility that I will earn 8% cashback from Top Cashback for my purchase. The 8% would be based on the pre-Amex Offer amount of $66.94. That would net me an additional $5.36 off bringing my total discount to 68.18%! My order is already tracking on Top Cashback, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.


Who knows how long these codes will stack together, but if you are a new customer to Boxed, now is probably the time to look around to see if you can find something useful to purchase. At a discount of almost 65%, it is almost costing you money not to! 😉

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  1. Ibotta tracked at the full price before discounts… fingers crossed my total savings was 70.45%

    Thanks for the Samsung code Shawn, I had been putting off dishwasher paks hoping for a boxed amx offer and it landed today.

  2. How did the 20% off code apply. I get a warning saying “Sorry, only 1 promo code per order!”
    Mine is a brand new account with referral bonus.

  3. Thanks Shawn! I probably wouldn’t have given a look if not for your article. Prices are high compared to Sam’s/Costco, but with $10 off, 20% off, and $25 off $65, that is one heck of a sweet deal.

  4. Couldn’t get 20% to work either, but I think because your referral codes were all used up and Boxed gave me a code to get the $15. It wouldn’t allow that and the 20% to both load, but still great savings, thank you. If people need referral codes for the $15, would be happy to post, but only if you’re OK with it.

  5. What does this mean from Amex terms: “Limit 1 statement credit(s) per American Express® Card across all American Express offer channels?” Can I use the offer on each of my cards?

  6. Stacking is dead. Best bet now is $82.00 in purchases. Use code Survey10 for 20% off and your registered AMEX card for the $25 statement credit.


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