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Credit Cards

Credit Cards

The number one way to rack up a lot of points/miles is through credit cards. Whether it is taking advantage of a great sign-up bonus or maximizing bonus categories, we are here to help.

Credit Cards for Beginners

If you are just getting started, then we have some advice for you. There are a few things you should learn before making your first applications. Read these posts to help:

Getting to Know the Banks

As you delve deeper into miles/points you will start hearing about the various banks and credit card products. While there are a ton of banks that offer rewards cards, the three biggest players are Chase, Citi and American Express. Each of these banks has their own rewards program and quirks.
Program Overview Ultimate Rewards Credit Cards
Program Overview Membership Rewards Credit Card Benefits

Credit Card Reconsideration

Once you have learned about the basics and studied the banks, then it becomes time to apply. If you aren't approved right away, we have some tips that could help you turn that fate around.

Credit Card Retention

Rewards cards come with annual fees and not every card is worth keeping long term. When you try to cancel, sometimes banks try to keep your business with lucrative offers. Here is some information on maximizing those offers.

More Help

In the section below you'll find links to all of our credit card related posts. You can also find even more relevant articles on our resources page. We have five years worth of dedicated credit card content to explore.
When you're ready to apply, CLICK HERE.

All Credit Card Related Posts

Questions About The Awesome New American Express Referral Program 

Amex made some big time news yesterday by revamping their referral program. But I still have some questions about the new American Express referral program.

(Free Museum Weekend!) Bank of America Museums on Us 2018 Edition,...

The Bank of America free museums program has returned for 2018. Find out available dates, how to qualify and which museums will be participating this year.

New Amex Gold Card: 4X at Restaurants & Supermarkets, Increased Fee...

American Express announced a new version of its popular Premier Rewards Gold Card, which will now be called the “American Express Gold Card”. It comes with new benefits, increased annual fee and a signup bonus of 25K and up to $100 back on restaurant spend.

(More People Targeted) Bank of America Alaska Airlines 40,000 Mile Offer:...

A new targeted BofA Alaska 40,000 mile bonus is being sent out. With 33% more miles than the normal bonus, is this offer worth applying for?

Get Double The Welcome Bonus On The New Amex Gold Card

Earlier today we wrote about the American Express announcement of a new version of its popular Premier Rewards Gold Card. Now it's possible to get a better signup bonus through referrals.

Why Chase’s Terrible Spending Offer Is Intriguing This Time Around

Chase sent out another round of spending offers for some of their credit cards. While these are usually terrible I think one is worthwhile this time around.

Have a Capital One Spark Card? Enter to Win up to...

Capital One Spark Business card is offering you the chance to win $50,000. All you need to do is share how you used your Spark Business rewards to drive your business forward.

Insane Targeted Offer for Sears Mastercard! Earn 11X TYP, Up To...

Citi Sears Mastercard is once again sending out a sweet targeted bonus. You can earn 11X on your spending, up to a total of 90,000 point bonus if maxing out this promotion.

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