Is the Chase World of Hyatt Card Subject to 5/24: Application Experience, Results & Data Points!


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Chase World of Hyatt Card 5/24

Chase World of Hyatt Card 5/24 & Benefits

Yesterday Chase and Hyatt did something that has been rare as of late. They actually made significant improvements to a credit card product that will have a meaningful effect for World of Hyatt members.

Among the biggest changes with the new Chase World of Hyatt Card are:

  • 60,000 point bonus after $6K spend (enough for at least 2 nights anywhere)
  • 4X points at Hyatt
  • 2X bonus categories
  • Free cat 1-4 night after $15K spend per year

The card also gives Discoverist status and like the previous card gives a cat 1-4 night each cardmember year. But wait there’s more.

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Chase World of Hyatt Card – Spend to Status

Perhaps the biggest and most meaningful change for World of Hyatt members is the ability to spend in order to gain night credits that count towards status. Here is how it works:

  • You get 5 elite qualifying night credits just for having the card
  • You get 2 night credits per $5K spent on the card

With a free night being given at $15K spend,  it seems attractive to put $15K on the card to end up with a total of 11 qualifying nights plus a free cat 1-4 night.

Chase World of Hyatt Card 5/24 Results

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The Chase World of Hyatt card is quite attractive, but as many of you know there is a cloud of darkness that looms over everything Chase called “5/24”. While there is seemingly confirmation from Chase that the card will fall under 5/24 in the future, as of now it seems that the Chase World of Hyatt card DOES NOT fall under 5/24.

Chase World of Hyatt Card 5/24

As a Globalist member who is over 5/24, I decided to apply for this card as soon as the links were available. My plan is to spend $15K to get the 60K points + free night and of course those 11 qualifying nights. My application was instantly approved! 🙂 Senior Editor Mark and a few other people I know were approved as well.

Chase World of Hyatt Card 5/24 – Conclusion

The Chase World of Hyatt card is very exciting to me personally because of its benefits for program members. While not all of you will value the benefits the same as I do, its an attractive product and one worth considering given the bonus, benefits and the fact that it is one of the few Chase cards not currently subject to 5/24.

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Did you apply for the new Chase World of Hyatt card? Share your experiences and data points in the comments!

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  1. Really welcome news and it’s about time. Chase gives 3x UR points on hotel stays…I’m sure Hyatt spend on the existing product all but disappeared. Too bad I have to remain on the sidelines so I can get under 5/24 for another Southwest companion pass this January.
    Shawn, aren’t you Globalist already? Thought we did our old Diamond challenges in the same week about 3-4 years ago.

    • There are two affiliate application links in the article if you wanted to use those, thanks in advance if you do.

    • I would also like to know this…I currently have the old card and was wondering if applying would prevent me from getting the new one, of course I wouldn’t mind canceling the old justbc for $20 more, the possibilities are great.

  2. I’m pretty new at this (a year and a half) and now at 9/24 — which counts all new cards, not just Chase. I realized this discrepancy when I was rejected for a Chase card a few months ago even though I thought my count was 3/24. I have a score of nearly 800 and was really hoping that I would get instant approval for this card, as you say. It’s been more than a week and I’m now expecting a rejection letter in the mail. Despite all that I’ve read stating the contrary, it seems to me that 5/24 is a blanket thing for Chase and that no cards are exempt.

    • You may wanna call them and see if they just want you to move around credit etc. to get approved. I am at 20 or so in the last 24 months and got instantly approved for the card.


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