Citi Now Lets You Add “Large Purchase Notice”

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citi large purchase notice

Citi Now Lets You Add “Large Purchase Notice”

If you have tried making large purchases in the past with Citi cards, you might have had your card declined in more than one occasion. This usually happens when large purchases are not the norm on the account, but there’s also cases where cards that continuously have large purchases still get declined.

You then have to call, let them know that it is really you that are trying to make a purchase and then you can try the transaction again. Now Citi is trying to make this process easier, to avoid your card being declined.

Citi app now has the following feature:

  • add a large purchase notice to your credit card to avoid disruptions at checkout.

This is only showing in the app for now, not online. Hopefully this works as promised, and you won’t have to call in.


A nice addition to the app. You can just add the notice to the account before making a purchase, and then you should be able to complete large purchases with no worries. At least this is how it’s supposed to work.

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