1. I called in to cancel as I had a large credit line on my Citi Executive that I asked to transfer to one of my other open cards. I remember reading it’s better for your credit score to keep the credit line. True?

    • Well it can be. If you have a large line that you close, then your overall available credit goes down. If you have balances on cards then that means your utilization rate goes up which can be bad, but can also have no effect. In my case, I was closing a card with a $5k line, but I also just recently was approved from Citi for the Prestige with a $5k line, so it is basically a wash.

  2. Hi Shawn,

    I am very new to your site- thank you for all of the great deals and information!! I am only posting here because I recently came across some information about a Citi Simplicity card with 21 months 0% interest on both purchases and balance transfers. I am in the process of moving balances over from interest credit cards but haven’t seen information on credit worthiness to qualify for this card. Mine’s good, not great (yet)- and getting better. Can you please comment or link me to your post about this card before I apply? Thank you!

  3. I just did this exact thing about a week ago for my 2nd exec card. I got the card cuz it still has a 50K bonus. I used Redbird for spend (before redbird died), got the miles and closed it, all in less than a month before the annual fee came due. So nice to be able to do via SM and not call in.

    • I have not and I don’t think it is possible. When they convert there is quite a lot of language they read to you and get you to accept, so there probably is a regulatory reason. As for retention, the reps on SM aren’t usually the most empowered. Generally they are only able to do basic things.


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