Costco Membership Deal on Groupon – $20 Gift Card & Coupons Worth $40+

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Costco Membership Deal on Groupon

Costco Membership Deal on Groupon – $20 Gift Card & Coupons Worth $40+

When writing up the post for the awesome Raise deal on Groupon I noticed there was another pretty good deal for Costco.  Groupon has a Costco membership offer that will give you your money for signing up back in freebies essentially.

Details of the Offer

For $60 you get the following:

  • A One-Year Costco Gold Star Membership, which includes a membership card for the Primary Cardholder and one additional Household Card for anyone over the age of 18 and living at the same address.
  • A $20 Costco Shop Card (gift card is valid towards any purchase, including gas)
  • Exclusive coupons for the following products ($68.98 value*):
    • Free Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean HE Laundry Detergent Pacs ($17.99 value)
    • Free Kirkland Signature Create-a-Size® Paper Towels ($15.99 value)
    • $10 off Fresh Meat (beef, chicken, pork, or fish; excludes deli items)
    • $25 off an order of $250+ on

Link to Offer

Breaking Down the Offer

How much you value the freebies will depend on how useful they are to you.  I think everyone can use laundry detergent and paper towels.  Most will be able to use the meat discount as well.  If I remember correctly the $25 off $250 works on gift cards but I could be wrong there.  You could stack it with one of their numerous iTunes gift card deals and resellers would make a nice profit from it if it does work on gift cards.


      • Costco does auto-renew. I had to provide a Visa card on activation for that purpose. It’s also part of the T&C of the offer.

        • Thanks George! The last time I did this deal I didn’t have to deal with that.

          Costco is very easy to cancel and will often give a full refund for the membership at anytime. So if they do bill for the 2nd year you should be able to go in there and cancel it no problem.

  1. I went through Samsung Pay to get this, hoping to also earn 20% back – they were even advertising “20% back on Costco membership” with a link to the Groupon offer – but it’s only showing $4.99 pending (and of course I’ll need $5 to cash out). Ever see this before?

    • I don’t have Samsung Pay so I have not seen it before but I hope it stacks for you. That would be awesome!

      • Now I got a new notification/promo – “$5 Cash Back Award on Costco Memberships.” So the prior 20% ad was either an error or a bait-and-switch. And with it tracking at $4.99, I’ll have to make another purchase to get over the $5 threshold.

        But hey, it’s $5. Or $4.99, whatever.

  2. I did a deal recently that gave $40 statement credit and $20 Costco cash to totally offset membership. Then when I was at the registration counter I saw they had coupons right there for $60 Costco cash card with membership. That would have been easier as I would likely have had the $60 in less than a week (like with the $20 card).

    It may be worth calling the local Costco to check on deals before getting into the more convoluted offsets.

    • Good tip Carl – I will have to check it out next time I am in a store and see if I can get a hold of one of the offers.


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