Another Crystal Infinite Devaluation? Redemptions Appear To Be Cut By 11%

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Crystal Infinite Devaluation

Another Crystal Infinite Devaluation?

The City National Bank Visa Infinite card bring a lot of value, although there’s rumors that one of its best featured could soon be devalued. While that part is still a rumor, there’s another devaluation that might have happened sometime in the last few days. Points earned with this card are now less valuable when used for booking flights through thrit travel portal.

Until now you could get a value of 1.35 cents per points when using points to book flights through the bank’s travel portal. That was really a 1.2cpp value, since the prices showing in their OTA were actually inflated a bit compared to other sites as per FM.

But now it’s even worse as this reddit thread reports. The value has been cut down by around 11%. Instead of 1.35cpp, you get only 1.2cpp on flights booked through their travel portal. And the prices are still inflated. That means that you’re not getting a real value somewhere between 1cpp and 1.1cpp.


With all the value that you get from this card, it’s not surprising that we’re now seeing devaluations. We tried to confirm the these new redemption rates, but the site is not loading up for us right now. Will update again once we do. In the meantime you can check for yourself and report back.

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