Discounted Gift Cards on eBay: Save at Sephora, Lowe’s and Express + 5X!


Discounted Gift Cards

Discounted Gift Cards on eBay

eBay has added some new discounted gift cards today and they’re sold by PayPal Digital Gifts, which makes the discounts much better.

PayPal Digital Gifts & 5X

PayPal Digital Gifts has added two new discounted gift cards today. Purchasing these cards should generate 5X Ultimate Rewards points if you pay with a Chase Ink Plus/Cash card through PayPal.

You can find all of the discounted gift cards here.

Not As Good As Before

In the past, you would be able to also earn portal cashback and eBay Bucks while purchasing gift cards. Unfortunately those avenues have dried up. Most/All portals no longer pay out in the gift cards category and eBay Bucks are no longer earned when purchasing them.

For more information, see: eBay Gift Card Policy Primer: An Easy Guide to eBay’s New Rules


Sephora gift cards could give you a small profit depending on your reselling relationship, plus 5x Ultimate Rewards. The other two offers could also be useful for very cheap UR points. And all of them should be great if you have any purchases planned at these retailers.

Right now there’s also another promotion on eBay that can earn you 20% off tvs, cell phones, laptops. Don’t forget shopping portal, especially for this electronics deal.

Happy shopping!

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