eBay 15% Off Almost Anything Returns – Act Fast It Won’t Last Long


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eBay 15% Off Up to $100

Update: And as I predicted it didn’t last long! Today seems to be a day of quickly dying deals.

Yesterday eBay offered 15% off up to $100 and it died quickly! Thankfully they have brought back the deal with a new code for today. Here is how to get the discount:

Find the items you want to buy and go to checkout. In the promotional code field enter: CMXDAY3. You should see 15% of the total taken off up to $100 total. This code can only be used once per Paypal account. The system will act as if you can use it multiple times, but it will fail on checkout.

ebay coupon

Since I bought the iPhone yesterday, I decided to just purchase eBay gift cards today. While they most likely won’t earn 5% from portals (most merchandise will), during the next eBay deal I’ll already be starting 15% ahead. I always have found have a nice stash of eBay gift cards doesn’t hurt.

There are of course many possibilities for things to buy, but I wouldn’t wait! Yesterday the code died very very quickly. I expect the same to happen today.

HT: Oren’s Money Saver

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  1. wow… I missed it yesterday so I didn’t waste any time jumping on this one successfully buying $600 worth of ebay giftcards for $510 just few minutes ago at 4:22PM. Looks like I beat it by just few minutes.

    • eBay is generally Pacific time, so maybe Midnight Pacific tonight? Not sure, if it was available all along and took a long time to hit the blogs or if it came available in the early afternoon.

      • Now I know what the girls feel like when waiting for One Direction Tickets or Justin Bieber concert.

        Cant talk shit anymore…

        • One guy on Slickdeals regretted wiping his ass because it caused him to miss the deal. Apparently he found the deal while on the pot and after doing his business he fell short of getting in on the deal by seconds.

          Just goes to show how far people will go for a deal haha. I burned food on the stove while I rushed in an order of a gold coin. $5 box of Chinese food is worth it lol. Don’t think I’d go so far as to dingleberry status while placing an order though.


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