Quick Tip: The New Easy Way to Find Your Old eBay Gift Card Balances (I Found $70+)


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eBay Gift Card Balances

The subject of eBay gift cards is a complicated one. First these gift cards were tied to your PayPal account and restricted. Then they became tied to your eBay account and were unrestricted. Various limits were placed and taken away and now they no longer work to purchase certain items such as gift cards.

Yes, it has been a roller coaster ride with these things, but no doubt many of you have used them. Whenever you use a lot of gift cards it can be tough to keep track of the balances. Sometimes you leave a little money on one and sometimes an order is cancelled and the money returned without you paying attention.

Finding Gift Cards with a Balance

Thankfully eBay (uncharacteristically) has made it easier than ever for customers to see the balance and redeem the gift cards tied to their account. (These are cards used after the switchover from PayPal earlier this year.)

If you have any gift cards that were used with your eBay account and they still have a value:

  1. Go to eBay, add something to your cart and go to checkout.
  2. Under the “Gift Cards, coupons, eBay Bucks” section on the checkout screen you will see the cards and balances.
  3. Click the check mark next to the gift card to apply it to your current purchase.


As you can see I had over $70 just sitting there without even knowing. I am tough on eBay for a lot of their customer unfriendly policies, but they deserve credit for making this so easy.

Did you have unused gift cards just sitting in your eBay account? How much was on them? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Shawn-
    Thanks ! We try to be very vigilant with our EBay gift cards and yet we still found $46.56 in unused value using this tip! Thanks!

    You are such a valuable resource!

  2. This is great, although it missed some I knew I had. I went back and double checked the balances and indeed there was one this method missed somehow. It did find ones I’d forgotten about though.

  3. Not as lucky as you guys, but found $0.87! Still something, so thanks for the tip! Hopefully you helped some other readers discover more.

  4. 80 cents and 2 cents … and I knew about the one with 80 cents. Delighted to see that despite being poorly organized, I’ve managed to keep straight on my card balances 🙂


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