eBay Bucks Promo + Gift Cards, A/B Testing & Even More Deal Erosion


ebay gift card deal erosion

eBay Gift Card Deals, Promos & Erosion

eBay is running yet another one of their infamous eBay Bucks promotions today. There are also a couple of alright gift card deals and some bad ones as well. You can combine these promotions with portal cashback or better yet maximize one of the airline portal promotions which are still ongoing. Let’s take a look.

Gift Card Deals

ebay gift card deal erosion

There are a variety of gift card deals available, but here are the best ones:

  • $100 ExxonMobil Gas Gift Card For Only $92 – Mail Delivery
  • $100 Hotels.com Gift Card For Only $90 – Mail Delivery
  • $100 iTunes Code for only $85 – Email Delivery

You can find all of the cards here.

Earn more with:

  • Use a Chase Ink card to pay for the iTunes gift cards and earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points since they are sold by PayPal Digital Gifts.
  • Use an eBay gift card obtained at a discount to purchase these gift cards.
  • Earn up to 6% in eBay Bucks.
  • Earn 1.25% from Extra Rebates or maximize one of the mileage portal promotions.

Deal Erosion & A/B Testing

While I do think the above deals are alright considering the eBay Bucks promotion and especially if you can maximize the mileage portals, but there is also something troubling. Awhile back I wrote a post about the erosion of deals on eBay when a $100 gas gift card showed up for $94. That same card used to sell for $90 and then $92. Now, it seems the seller SVM is trying something different.

  • They have the $100 ExxonMobil card mentioned above for $92. 8% off face value.
  • They have a $100 BP card for $93. 7% off face value.
  • Finally they have most of their other branded cards in a new denomination. $80 for $76. Only a 5% discount. I believe this is the worst we have seen.

I think we might be seeing some A/B/C testing to see exactly which price point, discount and even which denomination sells. None of this is too important, but it just highlights that you should look carefully because deals change all of the time and the good ones generally get worse.


There is some opportunity on eBay today with gift cards, especially if you are looking for a last minute way to earn some miles from a portal. While none of these deals is a no-brainer, combined with eBay Bucks and everything else, I am sure some of you will definitely be interested.

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  1. argh hitting that 2k/60 limit I think. I put in a ebay gc code that had alot more balance on it, but ebay would only apply a portion of it saying I’ve hit the max amount of gc I can use for this order. It was just one gc and a very odd number something like $130.46, making me think I’ve hit that 2k limit.

    Can’t think of any other reason why it only let me apply such an odd $ amount, can you?


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