Great Deals – eBay Gift Card Discount & Amazon Fire Phone w/Prime


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$100 eBay Gift Cards for $95

ebay gift cards amazon fire phone prime

Paypal Digital Gifts via eBay is offering $100 eBay gift cards for $95. The page is showing a limit of 50 per user, however I believe that is a mistake. In the past these have been limited to 1-3 per user id so you may want to purchase sooner rather than later.

6 months ago this would have been a killer deal, however we have seen a ton of eBay gift card discounts lately for amounts up to 20% off. Still, this is not bad overall, is available now and you should also earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points if you pay with a Chase Ink through Paypal. eBay gift cards are excluded from portal cashback and my last few purchases haven’t earned any. YMMV with that.

HT: Doctor of Credit

Amazon Fire Phone $130

ebay gift cards amazon fire phone prime

Amazon is still having a “fire sale” on their Fire Phone. They must have produced a ton of these things, because they have been selling them for quite awhile at a discount. The phone comes completely unlocked and has decent specs. In other words, it ain’t bad.

Still, I probably wouldn’t even mention the phone at $130, but the kicker is that it comes with 1 year of Amazon Prime. If you are in the market for Prime anyway, then you are basically getting the phone for $30. The crazy thing is the phone is selling for about $70-$80 used on eBay so this could be a good way to get discounted Prime. Again, this is probably only a good deal if you want Prime.


If you are in the market for the eBay cards then act fast as I am sure they will either sell out or a very strict limit will be implemented. Other than that, since my Amazon Prime membership is finally expiring, I think I’ll buy a Fire Phone and then flip it on eBay without the Prime. That way I can cut my annual cost for membership by about half.

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  1. I’m curious where your value is derived with Amazon Prime? I’m asking because I know you’re a very educated and savvy shopper. I personally will not renew Amazon Prime once my free membership expires. I also don’t use any of their other services beyond shipping.

    The idea of buying and flipping the phone however is an interesting idea. although I’d have to weigh a few other factors, such as the market becoming more saturated, prices dropping as others also know Amazon is reducing the price of their phone and lastly time and costs associated with the flip. I would personally place the value of Prime, at most, around $25-$50 a year. If I can subsidize it with a phone sale so that my final Prime cost for the next year is $50 it makes it interesting. Too bad the ebay $25 sellers coupon has to be used by August 31st. I don’t think I’d get this phone in time and I don’t think it’s right to list the phone before I get it so I won’t go down that road.

    • I have had Amazon Prime Student for the past 4 years, but that is expiring, so I have to decide what to do about Prime. I do value it, but $99 is a lot for me. $50 is much better which is why I am considering this. My wife uses Amazon’s streaming music daily and my son also watches their Instant Video service occasionally. I also occasionally use the Kindle Lending Library, although not often. This past year I have saved probably $20-$30 on a few items with Prime sales as well which has some value. Like you I would struggle at $99 but for $50 it has definitely been worth it.

  2. Yes, this is an ongoing problem with boardingarea (which is why I don’t visit them often anymore). It hijacks your browser and some BA sites have turned off ads until it’s fixed. I’m hoping this site will do the same.


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