Negative Cost MS on eBay – $100 BP Card for $90 & A Full Breakdown


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ebay manufactured spending

eBay Gift Card Negative Cost MS

Today SVM Gift Cards is selling $100 BP gas gift cards for $90 on eBay. Although this is only a 10% discount and we routinely see gift cards discounted more than that, this is a fantastic deal. Let me tell you why!

The Deal

  • Purchase a $100 BP gift card for $90.
  • Limit 3 per user id

Remember you also earn 2% back in eBay Bucks and can earn 1.1% through either Top Cashback or BeFrgual. (Personall referral links.)

Why This Is Good

Any time you see gas gift cards available at a discount, then it is always something worth looking at. Everyone needs gas and thus their cards tend to not be discounted as often. This in turn means that gift card resellers will purchase them at a very high rate. For example, these cards can be sold for 91.5% of face value.

The Math

  • Cost of 3 gift cards: $270
  • Sale Price (91.5% of face value): $274.50
  • eBay Bucks earned: +$5.40
  • Portal cashback: +$2.97
  • Cost of postage: -$3
  • Profit: $9.87 + credit card rewards

Stacking Deals

ebay manufactured spending

Last week I talked about purchasing eBay gift cards at a discount when they are having a sale. For example, I picked up 2 eBay $100 gift cards for $95. These were on sale from Paypal Digital Gifts, so I earned 5x Ultimate Rewards with Chase Ink. Since I used those two gift cards today for this deal, here is how the math works out for me.

  • Cost of 3 gift cards: $270
  • Paid with 2 eBay $100 cards and $70 on a credit card.
  • My out of pocket cost: $260
  • Sale Price (91.5% of face value): $274.50
  • eBay Bucks earned: +$5.40
  • Portal cashback: +$2.97
  • Cost of postage: -$3
  • Profit: $19.87 + 950 Ultimate Rewards points + $70 in rewards on credit card used to pay the overage.

Note you could get even more complicated by buying eBay gift cards for the overage through a site like Gyft who pays 2% from a portal. That would increase your profit, but adds to the complication and eBay gift cards can take up to 4 hours to activate, meaning you could miss out on the deal.


The key thing here is that the entire process of buying and selling these gift cards takes only a few minutes. Even without the discounted eBay gift cards, you can make a $10 profit and manufacture $270 in spend. Everyone is always looking for fee-free ways to MS and this is definitely one of them. Of course you could just use the cards for 10% off gas as well!

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  1. Yes, you can use BP gift cards at Arco. And get the cash price and not have to deal with the per-transaction debit charge.

  2. Do you ever have problems purchasing through PayPal Digital Gifts? It will never let me complete the transaction. Would love to get my hand on some of those discount eBay GC when they are available…

    • I don’t personally, but I know some people who do. You can try opening a new account, but just make sure you don’t purchase from two accounts in your name or you can get banned.


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