Say What!?! Expedia Travel Packages Can Save You Thousands On Flights


Expedia travel packages can save you thousands

Expedia Travel Packages Can Save You Thousands On Flights

A member in our Facebook Group posted a comment that he was getting flights for thousands of dollars less on Expedia via bundled travel bookings.  I found this interesting and decided to check it out a little further.  It turns out that booking Expedia travel packages can save you thousands on flights. Expedia must be purchasing a massive amount of flights in advance to get this steep of a discount. Maybe this is a short lived glitch but you will want to check out Expedia for cash flights in the future.


I have an upcoming trip to Amsterdam so I decided to do a dummy booking to see if I could recreate the Facebook member’s results. It didn’t take long, I had the same results with my first try.

Expedia travel packages can save you thousands First, I searched Google Flights for the lowest priced flight. I settled on two direct flights on Delta.  For two people in economy the flight came out to just under $4000.

Expedia travel packages can save you thousands

I then went to Expedia to book my package and the results were pretty shocking.  I was able to choose the exact same flights AND a stay at the Hilton hotel by the train station.  The cost was just over $2200 for the flights and hotel.  Say What?!? $1800 cheaper and it came with a hotel?  That hotel would cost close to $1500 to book directly for the same dates.  That is like getting the flights for $350 each…what is going on here?

Expedia travel packages can save you thousands


If you have upcoming cash travel be sure to search Expedia first. Expedia travel packages can save you thousands on flights and get you a hotel room for essentially free.  That doesn’t include what you would get back by booking through a shopping portal (6% on Ebates right now) and in Expedia rewards (which I know nothing about).  You can even use a card like your Chase Sapphire Reserve to earn 3 points per dollar on the booking.  I think your travel credit should work towards the booking as well.

Hat Tip: Alexander C.

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    • I would think you should be able to input your FF number like any other time you book through Expedia. I imagine the fare buckets would be the lowest level of earning. Nothing for hotels like with other Expedia bookings though and you would miss out on any status hotel perks most of the time too.

  1. Wonder if you’ll be able to book these packages on the Ultimate Rewards site now that it’s being handled by Expedia.

    • I was thinking about that too. It will be interesting to see if much changes once they get the Sapphire products changed over.

  2. This isn’t new, it has long been the case that Expedia / Travelocity sell hotel bundled with consolidator fares for far less than only the ticket direct from the airline. But it’s impossible to predict when you’ll find these sweet spots.

    Note that these consolidator fare buckets typically have low / no frequent flier earnings … but missing out on $40 worth of points is trivial when you’re saving hundreds of dollars.

  3. I booked a trip to Munich last year and had similar savings! It’s such a good deal. I’ve checked other locations in Europe and have seen similar savings. I did get the Expedia rewards and it amounted to about 50 bucks off my next booking. I think the package was a little over $3,000.

  4. I used to do this domestic with close to Travel date Hilton Air and Hotel packages. The air was bulk fixed rate. But then they outsourced their travel packages


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