$2,500 Fee-Free Credit Card Spend at Plastiq When You Refer a Business


Fee-Free Credit Card Spend

$2,500 Fee-Free Credit Card Spend at Plastiq

Plastiq has sent out emails to some of their users with an increased referral offer that gives out $2,500 fee free dollars when you refer a new business.

The Offer

Refer any business with your unique code, and when they make a payment of at least $100 by March 31, 2017, both of you earn 2,500 fee-free dollars. That means you can pay $2,500 worth of bills without the Plastiq fee.

Offer Terms

  • Must have received targeted email offer to refer businesses and earn referral bonus
  • Referred business must make a payment of at least $100 by March 31, 2017
  • Referred business must make payment using business card
  • No limit to how many businesses you can refer


I wasn’t targeted so I don’t have a referral link. If any readers were sent an email, please provide a referral code or link in the comments, and please attach some kind of proof that you received the email.

For those looking to sign up for Plastiq through this promotion, make sure that the referral you’re using was targeted for this offer. If it wasn’t, you won;t receive $2,500 in fee-free spend, but only the standard offer of $200 in free spend.


It’s a pretty sweet deal if you received an email from Plastiq. Who doesn’t like some fee-free bill payment with a credit card. Assuming you get at least 2% cashback, each referral should be worth $50 for both the referee and the referred business.

HT: frequentmiler

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  1. https://try.plastiq.com/599016

    Proof: http://imgur.com/a/vKiBi

    I’m currently paying down $300k of student loans via Plastiq, so definitely would be able to use some more FFDs. Lemme know at /u/asphodyne on the churning subreddit if you use the link so I can remember your handle in the future.

    Tip: Use a Chase Ink+ or Chase business card for the $100 payment because anecdotally Plastiq is having difficulty recognizing the Amex Biz cards as business cards.

  2. I got an email with this offer. Your unique referral code is: 300187

    Not sure how to upload a screenshot of the email as proof – let me know how and I’d be happy to.


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