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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

Here are some posts that caught our eye that I thought you may find interesting!  Let me know if there is anything good I missed.  Email me anything awesome that you find, or write, at

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Here are the articles for this edition:

Gap Year Spending Month 2 – $3,555.27 – Money Metagame

Noah is spending a year on the road staying in hotels, campgrounds, and coach surfing.  I always enjoy write ups like these and miss Drew’s at Travel is Free but Noah has been doing a bang up job so far.  Pretty amazing someone could live on the road for cheaper than living in Seattle.  I don’t think it is something I could ever do but I love reading about it!

This SPG Auction Has Great Value Potential In Venice! – Running With Miles

SPG probably has the best packages when it comes to booking them with points.  This one is pretty interesting and I believe it is up to 51,000 now, which is still a deal.  If you will be in Venice in the next week or so it may be worth checking out.  These are fun to check out even if you can’t use them.  Who knows what will happen to SPG Moments come August.

Flyer beware? 60 Minutes’ Allegiant Air investigation – CBS News

A pretty disturbing report on Allegiant that kind of feels like a little bit of a hit piece.  Allegiant’s CEO had a very strong response yesterday.  It will be interesting to see if anything further develops out of this.

An easy $10 you can save from the comfort of your home if you shop at Target or need household items.

150 Square Feet of Fun! Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland, Oregon – Bald Thoughts

I have always been intrigued by tiny houses.  I watch all of the shows and I like to imagine what it would be like, wonder if I could actually do it.  This would be an easy way to give it a try without actually taking the plunge.  I would put this up there with something like this.  I could probably check them both out on one trip….checking flights now :).


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  1. Thanks for the share!

    The Gap Year Adventure has been going great so far, but we’ll see how long we can keep it up. Certainly has it’s pros and cons, but it’s hard to pass up an opportunity like this one.



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