1. Just curious on 2 things. How long do you hold on to banks after a deal like this. I’m eying an awesome promo by BOA. Also when you load at a bank like this with your CC how do you know it won’t be a CA? I’m guessing changing CA to $0?

    Thanks again for your website and comments!

    • Doctor of Credit keeps data points on which banks and cards count as a cash advance. I also set my cash advance limit to $0 as well. That is always a good deal.

      As for how long to keep the account, that is a personal choice. I have never heard of anyone having problems for closing an account too soon, but I suppose that is possible.

  2. I have two questions about this. I’m curious on how long do you usually keep bank accounts open that you’re not looking to keep, because there’s a lucrative BOA offer that I’m eyeing. Also when you deposit using a CC, how do you know that it won’t be charged as a CA? Do you just make sure all your CCs have a 0 balance CA?

    Thanks for your time and your website! I read your emails everyday.

    • Awesome, thanks for your reply and sorry for the double post. I didn’t think the first one went through since I did it on my phone. Thanks again!


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