GroceryPass, $120 of Free Groceries Per Year

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grocerypass app

GroceryPass, $120 of Free Groceries Per Year

GroceryPass is promising to give you a net $10 to spend on groceries each month. For now you can join their waiting list for free and get the first month free once it kicks off. Let’s check the details.


Grocery pass is an app that offers a grocery savings program that costs $10 per month. In return for that membership fee, you get $20 every month to spend on groceries anytime and anywhere. That’s a net profit of $10 a month and $120 a year.

There’s not details for now on how the credit you get will work, but again you do not need to pay anything for now, you’re just joining a waiting list. You can decide later if it makes sense for you.

Sign Up Bonus

GroceryPass is offering a signup bonus of one free month, when you do so through a referral link. Use my referral link to join the wait list.


If this app really delivers what it promises, then it would get you some easy savings on groceries. On their site they say they partner with grocers and brands to make this happen and maybe they also hope not everyone will use the grocery savings in full.

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  1. has a tpm feel to it…. as in too good to be true.

    anytime, anywhere? and yet we get no details, except a vague reference like this: “partnered grocers” (which no doubt will begin with rip-off outlets like whole-wallet)

    So it will be “anywhere” that’s a partner? and yet we’re to fork over our sign up info on the vague premise that this really is free $120…. Can’t wait (not) to see the “stuff” that will oooze out all over this.



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