Happy Anniversary To Us!


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Day 326 – Tuesday March 11, 2008

We ultimately didn’t do much on Tuesday, but that was okay since it was our seventh wedding anniversary. (Yes Shawn Reece was seven months old when we tied the knot!) Given that we are on a tight budget, no special dinner was planned so a good morning kiss and the words “Happy Anniversary” were how we celebrated this fine day. I guess being together 24/7 for a year straight is celebration or punishment enough! =)

The only place we actually planned to visit was Sentosa Island. After getting back to the hotel well after 1am yesterday, we didn’t even begin thinking about getting out of bed until 10am and finally hit the streets at around 11:30am. Once outside, we headed straight for the train station and right to the Harbourfront area where the cable car to Sentosa Island is located. Luckily a mall near the cable car station had wonderful Chinese Food Court and we had some lunch before heading to the roof for some interesting viewsand ultimately making our way to the cable cars.

By now you may have guessed that it was raining when we made it to the cable cars. This put the idea of doing any of the activities out on the island out of the question so we decided to just take the car there and back. After finding the station (it is located on the 15th story of an office building) we paid our fee and boarded the car.

The ride took five minutes. On the way we saw a bird’s eye view of construction on the area that will soon be Universal Studios Singapore. (Of course being a theme park nerd, I took way to many pictures of it!) When we reached the island, after walking around and realizing that everything was overpriced and touristy, we turned back around and boarded the car again. I love cable cars, so the visit and ride were expensive, but well worth it.

Once back on the mainland we slowly made our way back to the hotel to relax. We were going to see Disney On Ice at 6pm but ultimately decided not to because of a torrential down pour that hit as were leaving. Tomorrow we are taking an 8:30am bus into Malaysia to visit the town of Melaka. If all goes well we will leave the next afternoon for Kuala Lumpur where we will stay for a few days. We are trying to stay on the go for a while to cover as much of Southeast Asia as possible before the rainy season. (Which is supposed to be rainier than now!)

We want to thank everyone for the comments and emails. Your support is truly appreciated and keeps us going.

The Coomer Family

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