(Final Days) Hilton 100% Bonus Points Sale Is Back – Purchase For 1/2 Cent Each


Hilton 100% Bonus Points Sale Is Back

Hilton Promo: 100% Bonus Points

Hilton is offering members a chance to purchase points with an 100% bonus. From now until May 28, 2019 you can get up to 100% bonus when you buy at least 5,000 Hilton Honors points.

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This is a pretty decent promotion. If you want to max out the bonus offer, you can buy 80,000 points and you’ll end up with 160,000 points for $800. As long as you buy 5,000 Points you will receive up to double the points. The price per point works out to .5 cents.

Link to Promotion (our affiliate link)

Remember that the Chase Ink Preferred has data points of earning 3X on points.com purchases.


It can make sense to purchase points at these prices if you’re planning on using the points for a 5 night award stay since you get the 5th night free. Also remember that if you weren’t targeted for either of these offers but know someone who was, they can always buy the points through their account and transfer them to you. Additionally, you can pool points with up to 10 Hilton Honors members.

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Remember that it is possible to get cash back on Points.com purchases if you go through a shopping portal first.

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  1. I am interested to know Mr. Shanahan how they are going about it all wrong? Lets hear your idea first before you trash everyone else. Some people who do not have enough spend need to buy points and miles at times. I buy Hundreds of thousands of AK Air miles every year so I can fly FC and BC around the world. It is a great deal for me and saves me 75-80% or more over what I would pay with cash. So lets hear what you have to say?

    • Paying 1/2 penny for hilton pts is a losing transaction. Anyone following the game for more than 2 minutes knows that you dont do it. Do you really want someone to spell it out for you how to get them much cheaper?

  2. Hilton points are only worth .5 cents anyway, so what is the promotion? This way Hilton gets your money in advance and gets to use it for free, while you lose out on any potential interest earnings on the money. They are also betting on the fact that you may never even use some of those points. Thumbs down.

    • If you read the linked article there are times when buying the points would make sense. Buying speculatively is not one of them though – I agree.

      • If you are buying points or miles you are doing it wrong. I know you guys get paid on these links but promoting this trash hurts people and doesnt help them in any way

        • Kyle – what if you are 10 or 20k away from a redemption at a resort with large resort fees and taxes etc. and don’t have time to earn the points. What if the property redemption is closer to 1 cent per point and you would have paid cash anyway. To say there is no reason to buy points is doing it wrong. There are certain times it does make sense as stated above. But for most people it doesn’t…each individual situation is different. To blanket statement anything is a mistake…and from what I have noticed you tend to make it often.

          • I get it, you guys get paid to pump the offer. Dont have time to earn the points? You guys get a lot of followers that dont have time to earn hilton pts? Come on man. You guys list $5 and $10 deals. If people have time to chase that, they have time to plan out a vacation that involves large resort fees and get the points ahead of time. Think small and you shall remain small.

          • If you think we make anything off these points purchases don’t you think we would write about all of them. The only one we really write about is the Hilton points offer because it is one of the few ones that does make sense (in the right circumstance). I have given you two times it does plus if you throw in the 5th night free on award stays that opens up another few options for it.

            How about as a free MS option when Amazon 1/2 cent redemptions come into play from time to time. Some depleted their stash the last time around and could replenish them this way etc.


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