Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Changes Are an Improvement

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Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Changes

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Changes Are an Improvement

Hotel chains prefer that customers book directly with them so they don’t have to pay a middle man. One way to attract customers is to offer the best rates and guaranteeing it. Hilton is one of those chains and now it has updated its Best Rate Guarantee. They now offer a 25% discount if you find a lower price elsewhere and will even let you file a claim before booking a stay.

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Changes

Here’s the changes that are lined out by a Hilton Honors representative on FlyerTalk:

  • If you find a lower qualified price for the same accommodation and terms at any point before your reservation is made, or up to 24 hours after making your reservation through one of the official Hilton booking channels, you can submit your claim by filling out the online form or calling our Hilton Reservations & Customer Care center directly. If we can verify your claim, we’ll honor the lower price AND take an additional 25% off the room rate for each night of your stay.
  • Claims previously required completion of an online form and the inclusion of an existing Hilton reservation number to process. We’re now encouraging guests who have yet to book their stay to contact Hilton Reservations & Customer Care directly and submit their claim over the phone.
  • We are also now accepting same-day claims. Until recently, we would only match a lower rate for day-of arrival. Now, in addition to matching the rate, we will also apply the 25% discount. For same-day reservations, guests must contact Hilton Reservations & Customer Care directly and submit their claim over the phone.


The Hilton Best Rate Guarantee provides a 25% discount off the room rate for each night of your stay, if you find a cheaper price anywhere else. The ability to file a claim even before booking is a great improvement. Booking prepaid reservations and then fighting it out with Hilton was not ideal, since they’re non-refundable. If they didn’t approve your claim, you were stuck. Hopefully we see other chains making this change as well.

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  1. FInding a lower rate and getting to benefit from the Best Rate Guarantee, is one of my favorite travel booking accomplishments (second only to finding a fare mistake!)

  2. This is a great change! Called the other day since the Hilton was showing $106 as the best rate (honors discount pre-pay/no cancellation), but a third-party site listed through Tripadvisor was $88. Customer service rep on the phone ended up giving me a cancellable rate for $63!


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