My Hilton Grand Vacations Time Share Offer

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Hilton Grand Vacations time share offer
HGV Las Vegas

My Hilton Grand Vacations Time Share Offer

I have been attracting time share offers right and left these days.  First it was Hyatt’s Hawaii offer, and then Wyndham’s very tempting offer, followed by Sheraton & American Express’ confusing yet awesome offer.  Now I received a Hilton Grand Vacations time share offer. These time share companies must think I have some money to spend or something,  hint: I don’t ;).  What they don’t know can’t hurt them I guess.

Details of the Offer

The Hilton Grand Vacations time share offer was for either Las Vegas or Orlando.  It is nowhere near as lucrative as the Hyatt, Sheraton or Wyndham offers.

Offer Terms/Details:

  • 3 Nights in Orlando or Las Vegas
  • 15,000 Hilton points (which they comically value at $150 – I Wish!!!)
  • Must travel within 12 months after purchase
  • Must attend a 2 hour presentation
  • Will stay at a near by Hilton Grand Vacation resort or a similar Hilton hotel.

The cost for this package is $199 plus tax.  I would imagine the Orlando trip would offer a better bang for my buck.  When I recently searched Hilton hotels in Orlando the HGV properties had some of the highest prices.

Las Vegas often has amazing deals on their hotels.  If you can handle the resort fees at least. So the value is probably not as good there.


This is clearly not as good as the previous offers.  Not knowing what hotel I would be put up in makes it a hard pass from the start.  Also the 15,000 points offered have the lowest value of the 4 offers.  Orlando and Las Vegas have a ton of value hotel options as well which lessens the value even more.

For this time share torture offer the juice is just not worth the squeeze.  Share your thoughts in the comments section.  Did you get a similar offer from Hilton recently?


  1. I just took the Hawaii offer for $798 – includes 5 nights on the big Island, rental car all days, upgrade to a 1 BR suite with full kitchen and laundry, 5000 pts and $200 stay on us credit. And they extended to 18 months to use it, so planning my 5th anniversary there next year. It came at a great time when we ere planning on Hawaii anyway. Of course the 2 hour presentation is mandatory but I have been practicing saying no over and over again.

    • I love when one of these offers works out perfectly with a trip that was already in the works – enjoy!

  2. I received this offer when booking another stay via phone back in June. My offer was for 3 nights for $149 + tax. When I told them I would consider Las Vegas because I’ll have a bachelor party coming up in 2019 for 5 people I was told that I could book an upgrade to a 2 bedroom, 2 king suite with sleeper sofa for an extra $50 per night. I ended up accepting because a 2 bedroom suite in Vegas at the Elara for about $350 all in is pretty good.

    Now my question is… my Fiance would really like to get the same offer (different dates of course) because she would like to have her party in Vegas. How can she go about getting the same offer? Any tips?

    • I would just have her call the same number and ask about the offer and see if she can get it that way.

  3. If you stay in Las Vegas, make sure to stay at the Elara. The property is connected to the Planet Hollywood, so it is a great location. The wife and I have stayed there twice with the timeshare offer. We also have stay at the Hilton Timeshare property on the north end of the Strip by the Stratosphere. Terrible location. You need an Uber to the best parts of the Vegas Strip. Our offer was 3 night in a 1-Bedroom Elara Suite, a $200 spend the night on us credit, and 20k Hilton Honors Points all for $99 and a “2 hour” time share pitch.

    • The picture in the article is from one of my trips to the Elara. It is an awesome property especially if you get the living room too.

  4. Mark: for Orlando, did you confirm that this package doesn’t have any additional resort and/or parking fees? The last one I got from Hilton offered both cities and Carlsbad, which was better for me as I wanted the Legoland Tix offered in the package. Staying at their hotels (there are actually 3 all next to each other including a Sheraton) for the timeshare stay had no additional fees when there otherwise would be some. So overall package offering aside, if you think you can use/want to stay in Orlando when the rates would otherwise be high and have no additional resort/parking fees, then sure, take it. You know the drill on how to do the whole presentation thing.

    • How do you do that time share presentation thing? Would like to get out of it as soon as possible!Thanks!

      • Sit through the initial presentation by the sales agent, say no/not interested. They will hand off to a supervisor to present a better offer (e.g. more points/fewer $$), say no thank you to him/her. They will then say you are done and go to check you out and take a brief ‘customer satisfaction survey,’ which is really a 3rd and final person to try and get you to buy something. Worth noting that they will present you with another small package to try out to get you to come back. This package could be worth it if you think your travels will bring you back to that property in the future. You pay a small amount upfront and get X days/nights and maybe some points, then come back to possibly visit them again. I generally say no. After that, you’re done. The overall time really depends on how steadfast you are in your answers: if you show interest, they will draw out the whole process, If you politely say that you’re not interested/it’s not for you, they’ll get you out faster to waste their time.

  5. Don’t. Do. It.

    We did the Hilton Vegas promotion last year–go them to throw in 5k more points, and free dinner and show.

    It all sucked. Horrible dinner at a not so good Brazilian steak house, and a not so good show. The timeshare hotel was out far away from everything. No breakfast-but you could spend $$ buying their coffee etc.

  6. I called them last week and got 25k points, a $200 “stay a night on us” certificate, 3 nights in Orlando – all for $99. Still available. Just call and tell them you were offered that previously.

  7. I guess with everything else YMMV. After some negotiation the offer I took was for $499.00 plus tax but also included a 3 or 4 night cruise along with $200 for a Hilton stay.

    4 day / 3 night stay at an area hotel or resort PLUS 3 or 4 Night Royal Caribbean Cruise Certificate and a $200 Spend a Night on Us certificate.


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