Hong Kong Airlines Wants a Favor from Those Who Grabbed Awesome Mistake Fares

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hong kong airlines mistake fare

Hong Kong Airlines Wants a Favor from Those Who Grabbed Awesome Mistake Fares

Hong Kong Airlines had an insane mistake fare back in August 2018. They were selling business class seats to Asia for just $531 round trip. And just a day later we got confirmation that bookings would be honored. Refreshing news from an airlines, but they’re also asking something in return from those who were able to jump on these awesome deals.

View from the Wing posted about an interesting onboard welcome gift for travelers. If you purchased one of those mistake fares, you get a special card upon boarding your Business Class seat. Hong Kong Airkines is asking passengers to take photos onboard and share them on social media with the hashtags #hkairlines and #businessclassfare.

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A great idea to take advantage of a mistake and make it better for both parties. Costumers get to keep the fares they booked, and the airline also generates some social media buzz, showing off their business class product.


  1. I managed to get this business class seat booked back in August with a valid confirmation from Expedia. Checking one month out from my trip, I now have economy seats when I log into Expedia. I am finding myself having to call Expedia and figuring out what went wrong.

  2. I just got back from Shanghai on one of those fares. Never got a card. Which makes me wonder about the communication between the finance department and the plane. Not so sure I want the guy next to me or the flight attendant knowing how much I paid to be sitting in business class

  3. Kudos to being a good sport HK Airlines!
    They could also push a $531 econ fare in adverts? Its not like their regular airfare is much more.


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