Hotel Review – Grand Hyatt DFW Airport

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Grand Hyatt DFW Exterior.
Grand Hyatt DFW Exterior. Official Hyatt website photo.

Grand Hyatt DFW Review

I recently had the opportunity to stay at the Grand Hyatt DFW as part of a three night stay in Dallas. The main reason I chose the Grand Hyatt DFW, was to get stay credit towards completing the Hyatt Diamond Challenge. I used Hyatt’s Points + Cash option to pay for the room. Since the Grand Hyatt DFW is a category 3 hotel, the cost was $75 plus 6,000 points for my one night stay.


The Grand Hyatt DFW is one of two hotels located inside of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, with the other being the Hyatt Regency DFW (review). Unlike the Regency which is not physically attached to a terminal, the Grand Hyatt is directly attached to the airport’s D terminal. I stayed at the hotel for one night before an early morning flight to return home.


Grand Hyatt DFW view from a suite.
View from the bed in a suite at the Grand Hyatt DFW.

The Grand Hyatt DFW is located in Terminal D. To reach the hotel’s lobby, you simply take an escalator up from an area just outside one of the security checkpoints in the terminal. The hotel’s lobby and all restaurants are located on the second floor with meeting space in the basement.

The hotel’s location is nice, given that it sits just outside security near both an Admiral’s Club and the Centurion Lounge. (The lounges are inside of security.) For people not flying into or out of the D terminal, you can take the Skylink train to the D terminal and follow signs for the Grand Hyatt DFW.

Diamond Amenities

Grand Hyatt DFW Diamond Amenity
Pita sticks with hummus and olive dip.

Before arriving at the hotel I had spent the entire day in Dallas and was very hungry. Since I don’t have an expense account, eating at the hotel didn’t seem like a good idea. At check-in, I browsed the Diamond Amenity options and chose the pita sticks with hummus and some sort of olive dip. It was very good but a little bit went a long way. (Not something to make a meal out of.)

As a Diamond guest, I was also automatically upgraded to a two room suite at the hotel and given a full complimentary breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. More than any Hyatt I have stayed at over the past couple of months, the Grand Hyatt DFW went out of their way to recognize my Diamond status.


Grand Hyatt DFW Suite
Living room Grand Hyatt DFW suite.

As mentioned before, I was upgraded to a suite at check-in. The suite was very large and featured a nice living room area and a very spacious bedroom. Both rooms had incredible views of the runways at DFW with automatic shades to block out the brutal sun if needed. This hotel is a planespotters dream!

The room’s decor was very modern, but not over the top. Unlike the Hyatt Regency DFW, the Grand Hyatt is not bathed in earth tones. Instead, the modern use of blacks and greys works well and everything about the place exudes modern luxury.

Grand Hyatt DFW suite bedroom.
The suite’s bedroom.

Being a suite, the room was very large, however it had a modern homey sort of feel to it. Sometimes when I am in suites by myself it can be too much, however this room seemed to be just right in both terms of size and variety of seating. Additionally the bed was incredibly comfortable and the bathroom very large with a seperate tub and shower.


Grand Hyatt DFW pool.
A pool with a great view.

The Grand Hyatt DFW does have convention space in the basement along with a rooftop pool and gym complex. Much like any other Hyatt, the gym is stocked with all of the latest cardio equipment along with a nice selection of weights. The pool area is quite large and affords fantastic views of planes taking off. While it doesn’t compare to the pool in the Crowne Plaza Changi, it is one of the nicer airport hotel pools I have seen.

My only slight complaint about the gym area was that I found a pile of used toiletries in the bathroom. (Toothbrush, razor, mouthwash.) There wasn’t an attendant there at 9am when I took the photo, so I have no idea how long the trash was there. For all I know the person could have just left, however it was not an attractive sight. (Although he should have thrown the stuff away himself.)


Grand Hyatt DFW Breakfast.
Texas Benedict. So good!

My only food experiences at the hotel came from the Diamond Amenity and breakfast in the morning. I do want to mention that people staying in the hotel can get a security pass to enter the airport in order to eat. To get a pass simply ask the front desk and they will ring up the TSA. The process takes a little while as you have to wait for someone to come and take you, however there are a lot more food options inside of the airport so it may be worth it.

Breakfast was served in the restaurant in the morning. As a Diamond guest, I was able to order any one item off of the menu. The stand out item to me was the Texas Benedict which was Eggs Benedict with brisket subsituted out for the Canadian Bacon. It was fantastic. I would go out of my way to order it in a restaurant.

Grand Hyatt DFW Review Wrap-Up

Grand Hyatt DFW view.
View from the suite.

The Grand Hyatt DFW lives up to the Grand Hyatt name. While the Hyatt Regency DFW is a nice business style hotel, the Grand Hyatt is more luxurious. Every experience I had with the staff was pleasant and the room was incredibly comfortable. I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about the place.

My only issue with the hotel is price. The Hyatt Regency DFW is often priced much lower than the Grand Hyatt meaning it is an overall better value. The main reason I stayed at the Grand Hyatt was to compare the two hotels and I am not sure I can justify the extra cost of either points or cash.

I recently transited through DFW again and chose to stay in the Hyatt Regency since I didn’t feel like spending the extra 4,000 points just for a quick overnight stay. If you are asking which is the better hotel then I would say the Grand Hyatt DFW wins hands down. If you are looking for the better value, then it definitely depends on the rates, however the Regency will probably be the better solution.

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