6.25X Everywhere with a Targeted Spending Offer & Why You Should Opt-In to Promotional Offers on Old Unused Cards


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hsbc spending offer 2015

HSBC 6.25X Targeted Everywhere!

I cover a lot of banks and credit cards on Miles to Memories, however one you don’t hear about very often is HSBC. The main reason for the lack of coverage is that their cards are fairly noncompetitive when compared to products from other banks. Think 1% cash back everywhere. Yawn.

My wife and I do actually have one of their cards though. We have the HSBC Platinum Mastercard with Rewards and have had it for close to a decade (It used to go by a different name.) This card earns 1 point per dollar spent and each point is worth roughly $.01. Having seen that earning rate, you can probably figure out that this card lives in a sock drawer most of the time.

Fantastic Spending Offers

Earlier this year I received an 11X offer on the HSBC card giving a $100 credit with $250 or more in purchases for four consecutive months. I met the requirements on that, took the credit and put the card back in a drawer. That is until I received more offers. In fact, they sent me two fantastic offers that work concurrently.

Offer 1: Spend $250 in December and receive a $25 statement credit.

hsbc spending offer 2015

This is nice! It is very similar to the 11X offer I received earlier in the year. In fact, I have had this offer on the card for October and November as well. I definitely like it, but the second offer made me want to use the card even more!

Offer 2: Earn 5X points up to 10,000 points on purchases made through 12/31.

hsbc spending offer 2015


Basically HSBC is giving me 5X everywhere on up to $2,000 in spending plus the $25 bonus for hitting the $250. For spending $2K in December, I will receive back $125 in credit or 6.25X. That is quite lucrative and more than enough of a reward to get this card back into the front slot of my wallet. I actually forgot about the deal for a short while, so I’ll make sure to hit the max with gift cards if I feel that I am going to fall short of making the $2K.


I write posts like these as a way to share some cool deals that I receive, but also as a reminder that you should opt-in to promotional offers on all of your old credit cards. (At least you should if you want to get the occasional offer which may be good or bad.) Most people have an old no annual fee card like this one lying around in a sock drawer. You never know when it will come back to life with an amazing offer! HSBC has surprised me twice this year. Hopefully they’ll keep it up.

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  1. Cool story bro. Great reminder.

    Also, just a fun fact:

    HSBC is HANDS DOWN the friendliest neighborhood bank for drug lords and terrorists. If you do massive MS and money orders, it should be with them because they look the other way and pretend they dont know. Although recent scandal exposure should have vaporized this bank by now.

    HSBC has been known to transport billions of dollars of cash in armored vehicles, cleared suspicious travellers’ cheques worth billions, and allowed Mexican drug lords buy to planes with money laundered through Cayman Islands accounts.Other branches moved money from Iran, Syria and other countries on US sanctions lists, and helped a Saudi bank linked to al-Qaida to shift money to the US.

    The bank has been under investigation for nearly a decade, and ONLY faces a massive fine from the US justice department. Wow. Can we say 2008 Wall Street? Yea. Pretty much.

    • Yeah they have done some crazy things. I just keep it because of average age of accounts and if they want to give me a 5-10% rebate on my purchases I’ll take that too!

  2. Nice offer.

    I recently received an offer for my Barclays AA Card, where if I spend $500 in Dec/Jan/Feb, I get a “bonus” 15,000 miles.

    Now I have no intention of using that card for “regular” stuff, but will “complete the offer” and add the points to my AA account. Assuming that each “mile” is worth about $0.02 in travel, that’s $300 worth of points for doing 3 transactions.

    MS…….. I’m loving it.


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