A Hyatt Place with an Executive Suite? Yes Please (& Scoring the Upgrade!)

Hyatt Place Executive Suite Upgrade
Hyatt Place Detroit Novi meeting areas.

Hyatt Place Executive Suite Upgrade Experience

The Hyatt Place brand is sort of a double edge sword. On one hand it provides a consistent experience across all properties, but on the other hand you don’t get very many elite benefits and most Hyatt Places look exactly the same. From the “L” shaped couch to the bed and the small bathroom. Even breakfast looks the same.

Thankfully things are changing a bit though. Some of the older Hyatt Place properties are being renovated with a more modern grey color scheme and some newer properties are just flat out different and nice. I covered two such properties in a post about the future of the Hyatt Place brand and to be honest I am impressed.

Hyatt Place Executive Suite Upgrade
Hyatt Place Detroit Novi lobby.

Still, as a top tier Hyatt Diamond elite, the benefits at Hyatt Place locations are lacking. Sure I get a free drink or 500 points, but that is about it. Room upgrades are non-existent, unless you want to count a high floor, but those rooms are often a punishment in older properties where the elevators move slow as molasses. Low floor please!

Thankfully I can now report on my first real Hyatt Place room upgrade. I stayed at a newer Hyatt Place in Detroit the other day (Novi) and it was awesome. I could tell from the minute I stepped into this place that it wasn’t the same old Hyatt Place. The employees were friendly, the public spaces were modern and large and when the front desk agent told me I was upgraded to an “Executive Suite” I about fell over.

Hyatt Place Executive Suite Upgrade
Hyatt Place Detroit Novi Executive Suite.

Of course, I went up to my room with a bit of skepticism. Surely he was just overselling this suite. Maybe it was a slightly bigger room or just the standard room that he decided to talk up. And then I opened the door and voila! It indeed was a suite. A very nice one as well.

Hyatt Place Executive Suite Upgrade
Hyatt Place Detroit Novi Executive Suite
Hyatt Place Executive Suite Upgrade
Hyatt Place Detroit Novi Executive Suite

The suite featured an entry way, small kitchenette area and even a dining area that reminded me of the breakfast area downstairs. There of course was the signature “L” shaped couch but it was housed in its own living room. In a separate area was the large bedroom and standard but large bathroom. All told the room three televisions! Nothing too luxurious, but good stuff.

Hyatt Place Executive Suite Upgrade
Hyatt Place Detroit Novi Executive Suite
Hyatt Place Executive Suite Upgrade
Hyatt Place Detroit Novi Executive Suite


While I still argue that there isn’t much value for a Diamond elite at Hyatt Place locations, it is nice to see these newer properties that not only feature nicer rooms and better amenities, but also a chance for an upgrade as well. While this Executive Suite wasn’t a life changer, it did make me feel better about my endless pursuit of Hyatt Diamond, even if only for a night!

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  1. I have stayed at the Hyatt Place Novi many times as that’s about 5 minutes from previous home but I have never seen that room! Good to know!

    • I didn’t mention it in the post, but based on the room map on the back of the door, there at two of these rooms on the 6th floor. Not sure if they have more on lower floors.

  2. I live 20 mins from there and take the kids there to swim sometimes! It is one of the better hyatt places…even has a nice outdoor patio. What were you in town for if you don’t mind me asking.

    • I was here for a quick business meeting in Ann Arbor. Originally I was going to stay for the Ann Arbor Art Fair DO on Saturday but I had conflicting plans to meetup with a friend in Canada so I only stayed the one night.

      • Nice did you use your new Diamond TR status at Caesars Windsor haha (it is actually a pretty nice hotel though)? Next time you are in town you should do a readers meet up!

  3. I’m a diamond and have stayed at that property dozens of times, never upgraded to the executive suite 🙁

  4. My office is up the street behind the Sheraton. I pass by this hotel very often and thought it was the same old Hyatt Place property…which I do like. Nice to see they have a suite like this, may do a staycation someday.

  5. Some of the Hyatt place I’ve stayed at – Washington DC and Honolulu to name two – have different type rooms. Some are better and bigger than the standard Hyatt place room. Not diamond but I’ve gotten way better rooms at Hyatt place than at Grand Hyatt or Hyatt regency or Andaz, which always assign me a room near the elevator and sometimes moldy carpet in ADA rooms

    • Yeah the Hyatt in Honolulu is a convert from another hotel which was built in the 1970’s and it has many different room types. As the brand matures there are more and more unique properties which is a good thing!


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