IHG’s New Share Forever Promotion Announced: Details, Analysis & Finding the Sweet Spot!


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ihg share forever 2016

IHG Share Forever 2016 Offers & Analysis

IHG has released the details of their new “Share Forever” campaign which will be good for stays between May 1, 2016 and September 5, 2016. This promotion features differing targeted offers which involve earning bonus points for stays and goodies such a points or free nights to “give away”.

How to Register

To participate in this promotion and to see your offer, you must visit the IHG website and opt-in.

Offer Analysis

My wife, son and I all have IHG Rewards Club accounts. Here are our three offers:

ihgpromo1 ihg share forever 2016 ihg share forever 2016

As you can see, our share columns were all the same. We get 1,000 points to share after our first night and a free night after 15. I actually checked the promotional terms and it seems everyone has the same share offers. In case you are wondering, I’m not sure if they will let you share with yourself, but you could certainly share with a family member or close friend.

On the “Rewards for You” side, each offer has a bonus after 1 night, 2 nights, 4 nights, 9 nights and 24 nights. The first night offer is supposed to be determined by your status with Spire getting an 8K bonus, Platinum getting 7K, Gold getting 6K and basic Club getting 5K. Two of our accounts are Platinum, but one was given the gold offer. All of the other night offers are targeted to your account.

Breaking Down the Platinum 7K Offer

The Platinum offer earns 7,000 points after 1 night plus the 1,000 points to share for a total of 8K points generated for 1 night. Depending on how you value IHG points that could be worth $30-$50. Not worth a mattress run, but a decent bonus if you already have a stay planned.

Now let’s break down the “per night” bonus at each of the tiers:

  • 1 night – 8,000 points per night
  • 2 nights – 4,700 points per night
  • 4 nights – 3,100 points per night
  • 9 nights – 3,377 points per night
  • 24 nights – 2,933 points per night + a free night

On the surface that bonus at 9 nights seems attractive, but it really only helps you keep pace. It is clear based on looking at it that this promotion is simply best for a single 1 night stay. Getting around 3,000 bonus points per night is not big deal unfortunately.


This isn’t the best nor the worst promotion out there. For a cheap one night stay you can actually earn a nice little chunk of points, but it isn’t near mattress run worth like my wife’s 55K one night offer earlier this year.

Were your offers better or worse than mine? Let me know in the comments!

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    • See #5 of terms & conditions — point stays don’t count towards qualifying nights for this promo. (nor special discounted rates, and — if memory serves — points & cash stays also do not count as qualifying stays. About the special discounted rates, there is a gray area there….. I had the special disney savers rate at the HI Resort in Orlando…. IHG manilla phone reps were certain they would not count; HI Resort reservations folks though were certain they would…. and indeed, they did. )

  1. shawn, share your sense that this promo, like last summer’s, is a lot of fizz without much pop. One stay maybe.

    Yet thanks too for the reminder of your wife’s accelerate promo — the one day great deal. Happens I have something similar on my ihg account, and your quip reminds me I have about 2 weeks left to try to get a night in…. Reminds me though, in case I can’t actually get to a cheaper IHG hotel, what’s the common wisdom experience on doing mattress runs where you don’t actually physically go to the hotel…. that is, make the reservation, pay for it….. then call to check in…. Alternatively, isn’t there a way now to check in on an app? Or is that with another chain/brand?

    • Hilton allows you to check-in and choose your room via app, Hyatt also has web check-in but I don’t believe IHG does or at least I have not seen it at any of their properties.


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