Fee-Free Visa & MC Gift Cards + 4X Fuel Rewards at Kroger & Subsidiaries


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kroger fee-free gift cards

Fee-Free Gift Cards at Kroger

Through 11/29/15, Kroger and its subsidiary brands are offering fee-free $100 Visa & Mastercard gift cards. These cards should also earn 4X fuel points as part of their winter promotion. This means that each gift card purchased should generate $.40 off per gallon in fuel rewards.

Key Terms

  • While supplies last.
  • No rain checks.
  • Limit one coupon per transaction per day.
  • For use in the U.S. only.


Hopefully the terms hold true and this can be redeemed once per day. That would mean that one card can be purchased per loyalty account for the next 5 days. If that is true, you should be able to generate $2 off per gallon worth of fuel rewards with minimal effort.

All of the Kroger stores I have seen sell Visa & Mastercard gift cards issued by U.S. Bank. These cards have pins in the packaging and can be loaded to Bluebird and Serve. This deal gets even better if you have a card that earns 5X or better at grocery stores.

How to Load the Offer

To load this offer to your loyalty account, visit the site for your local Kroger affiliate, login and then go to the coupons section. These coupons will be under the “Gift Cards” category. You can try this direct link which may take you directly there.


This is a great promotion since these cards (especially the Visas) are very easy to liquidate. Since there is no fee, you should earn $.40 off per gallon without any cost. If I can buy one card per day and gain up to $2 off per gallon (maximum $1 per gallon per visit) then I can potentially save $70! Not bad at all.

HT: Slickdeals

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  1. The digital coupon is not available anymore after the 1st time use. Does it mean we have to wait 24hrs and add the digital coupon again? Thanks.

  2. I used the Visa gift card discount once yesterday and today, I can’t reload the coupon and it is no longer appears as a coupon in my Kroger account. This looks like it is a one time use code. The 400 points will be a nice 40 cent per gallon discount off of Shell gas to use with Shell gift cards from Staples bought with the 5X Ink bonus. Makes the Shell price a little better than Costco for once.

  3. My wife and I each purchased a card yesterday, but today’s attempt did not load. Luckily, the cashier manually removed the $5.95 fee for us. Small win.


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