How to Link Multiple Discover Accounts to the Same Login

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Link Discover Accounts Same Login

Link Discover Accounts Same Login

One of the most frustrating things about Discover has been their inability to link multiple credit card accounts to the same login. For example, my wife has two Discover it cards, but we have to login to each account separately to see it. Thankfully that is now a thing of the past. Discover has finally added functionality to link multiple credit card accounts to the same login. (According to a commenter bank accounts can be linked as well.)

How to Link Multiple Discover Credit Card Accounts

First, if you have multiple accounts with Discover, the next time you login you should be prompted to link them.

Link Discover Accounts Same Login


After clicking “Get Started” you will be asked to verify your accounts.


Link Discover Accounts Same Login


The first account listed is the one linked to the login you are using. The second account is the one linked to the other login. The site shoes the last four digits of each account number to make things simple. In order to link the accounts, you will need to enter the entire account number of the account not currently linked to the login you are using. When done click “Continue”.


Link Discover Accounts Same Login


Next you will be asked to verify your identity. You can either receive a security code via the phone number linked to the account or via email. Once you have made your selection click “Continue” and then enter the code once it comes.


Link Discover Accounts Same Login


After the security confirmation you will get to choose which combined login you want to use. You can continue to use the current login for either account or you can create an entirely new login. Once you have made your decision click “Continue”.

Link Discover Accounts Same Login



Finally, you can see both of your accounts together! You can now select either account to go into its details just like before. Additionally, when you are in an account, you can click towards the top to easily switch between them.


Link Discover Accounts Same Login


At this point I am not sure if you can link accounts if you don’t get that initial prompt when logging in. I searched the site and couldn’t find a way to get to the linking screen, but perhaps I missed it. Either way, if you currently have more than one Discover credit card account I suggest linking them to make your life just a bit easier ahead of the busy shopping season!

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  1. Hmm…no joy for me. I wasn’t given the option to link my accounts. Guess they’re still rolling it out to everyone?

    • I guess. Hopefully they add a link somewhere so people can do it without being prompted. I searched everywhere I could think of to see if they had a link yet and couldn’t find one.

  2. But I’m so glad you made this post because I’ve pretty much given up that Discover would ever let you do this. If you hadn’t posted it, I’d never even be expecting it. I’ll keep my eyes open for an e-mail or something; perhaps it’ll come sometime.

  3. do you still get separate offers in discover deals when you combine accounts? (such as the monthly $10 off kohls coupons that are stackable)

    • So far, the offers are different for each card. Before combining my accounts into one login, I had the $10 Kohl’s on one account but not the others; after combining the accounts, if I select one card I see the $10 Kohl’s, select another card I don’t see it.

      I wonder though if they’re planning to combine the deals, to prevent people from getting multiple.

      In my case, I didn’t really want to combine the accounts, and the website didn’t tell me that would happen; it just automatically showed all my accounts when I logged in, and said something like “for security, verify that this is your account”. It wasn’t clear what would happen if I did or didn’t click the Verify button. I clicked it and entered the card number, and now I’m not able to login to the other accounts; all the cards are now under one account.

  4. It looks like it combined my banking and my credit card. the email also said it would combine “Discover card, bank and personal loan accounts with a single User ID and Password”

  5. Discover had told us we can only have one of their cards at a time. That must not be true. I have the 3% miles card and my husband has the category card and we were hoping to switch after the year is up in Dec. Do you know if they will let us get the double miles offer again if we switch to new products?

    • They previously allowed people to have multiple cards, but then changed the rules.
      So this post only applies to people who opened multiple cards a while ago.

        • I think you’re right, based on some web searches. They might’ve changed the rule to one card per person a while ago but then changed it again to allow 2. Personally, I have 3 Discover cards (opened a while ago).

  6. Hey, I was able to do this too! I have a money market, two savings accounts and one credit card with Discover and I was able to merge all of those under one username and password. This is so helpful and I’m glad this customer irritant is a thing of the past! The rollout of this new functionality must be coming out in waves if others haven’t yet been prompted to join their accounts. Best of luck going forward everyone!

  7. I have avoided this to retain my multiple Discover Deals. It says under the questions that I am required to combine them 🙁 They kept letting me click I’d do it later until today- today it looks like if I want online access to my accounts, I have to combine them. I agree it’s more convenient but I preferred the double Kohl’s deals. Hopefully that will last a little bit longer, but it seems like only time until they notice that they don’t want to keep letting me get free underwear at Kohl’s.

  8. I can understand the convenience of linking Discover accounts but I’ve resisted. Using a password manager and using different random generated passwords for each account is an extra layer of security. But that’s just me!


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