(Sold Out) Lowe’s GC 10% Off at Kroger on 6/5 Plus Fuel Points

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Lowe's GC 10% Off

Set Your Calendar Alerts: Lowe’s GC 10% Off at Kroger on 6/5 Plus Fuel Points

Kroger will have a new deal on Lowe’s gift cards online. Starting on 6/5 you can get a 10% discount and on top of that you also earn fuel points. Let’s check the deal.

The Offer

For every $250 worth of eGift Cards purchased, get 10% Off!

Offer Link

Offer Terms

  • Offer valid from Jun 5, 2019 to Jun 11, 2019
  • Maximum discount allowed is subject to a maximum sum of $75 per customer


We have seen several 10% discounts on Lowe’s gift cards recently, and that discount alone doesn’t make this a profitable deal. But you can also earn fuel points on these purchases and 2% back on credit card rewards.


  1. I’ve tried several different orders ranging from 1 to 3 cards, logging in and checking out as a guest, and all my orders are getting canceled. Any tips?

  2. Do you know if these code as grocery purchases? I’m guessing they may not since you only mentioned a 2% cash back card.


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