The Marriott Qi Wireless Charger – A Continuation of Their Technological Pursuits

Marriott Qi wireless charger.
Marriott Qi wireless charger made by Kube Systems.

Marriott Qi Wireless Charging Coming Soon

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Marriott Transporter. The Transporter is the company’s new initiative to help provide virtual vacation experiences. It is something they feel everyone will benefit from in the coming future. I’m not sold on it, but what do I know.

This week Marriott announced another interesting technological test that they will undertake. While not as revolutionary as virtual reality, they are going to be installing Marriott Qi wireless chargers in 29 locations as a test. These Qi chargers are made by a company called Kube Systems and will be able to charge up to six devices at a time.

You may be thinking that this is more for show than it is practical. Actually I think this is more revolutionary than the virtual reality Transporter. Being able to simply set your phone down to charge makes a lot of sense in places like hotel lobbies where the availablity of outlets is limited.

Does Qi Work

I have a small Qi wireless charger at home that is used to charge a Nexus 5. It charges the device really quickly and is super convenient. I can pick up the phone and use it when I want without worrying about pulling it out of the wall. I actually just purchased a new phone without the Qi charging technology and am feeling very sad about it.

Unfortunately Qi wireless charging requires either the technology be built in or a special case or back plate. A lot of Android phones have it built in and there are adapters available for the iPhone. Luckily this technology is somewhat mature and more manufacturers are adopting it. With companies like Marriott hopping on board, hopefully it will gain greater traction.


Someone in charge at Marriott must really love technology. While the Transporter seems like a really out there technology, adding something that adds simple convenience like wireless charging is a no-brainer in my opinion. I really hope this test goes well and that other chains (HYATT!) decide to implement the technology!

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