Breaking: Marriott & SPG Elite Status Match & Points Transfer Announced & Initial Thoughts on Opportunities


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Marriott Rewards SPG Points Transfer & Elite Status

Marriott Rewards SPG Points Transfer & Elite Status

The Marriott and Starwood merger becomes official today and it appears the company has made official their plans for how they plan to handle the two major loyalty programs in the short term. Specifically, we now know how points transfers and loyalty status will work between Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest.

Linking Accounts

You can link your Marriott/Ritz Carlton Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest accounts at

Points Transfers

After linking your accounts, points can be transferred between the programs at a 1:3 ratio. That is 1 Starpoint = 3 Marriott Rewards points. An overall fair valuation I think.

Elite Status

Linking accounts will also provide reciprocal elite status. Elite status will be provided as follows:

  • SPG Platinum = Marriott Platinum
  • SPG Gold = Marriott Gold
  • SPG Preferred Plus (Amex CC status) = Marriott Silver
  • SPG Preferred = Marriott Basic

Interesting Observations

While there is a lot to analyze here and I did not get this information ahead of time like some other bloggers, here are my initial thoughts:

  • SPG Gold can be had with an Amex Platinum. That gets you Marriott Gold which gives free breakfast at a lot of properties. It is a nice upgrade in status and a good match in that direction.
  • Marriott Platinum = Starwood Platinum which is quite lucrative as well. Holders of the Ritz Carlton card can spend $75,000 now to receive that status although points earned on spending aren’t worth much.
  • Starpoints can be transferred over to Marriott for Flight & Hotel packages. These packages can be used to help towards the Southwest Companion Pass.


For now I think we can be happy that the points transfers are at a somewhat fair value and that elite statuses have been matched between programs. What do you think about this news? Has Marriott been fair with their initial integration? What do you think we will see as these programs move towards integration in 2018?

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  1. Sounds like the leaks were real… holy shit… everyone was complaining about Marriott and potential deval but this is insane. status match is ridic.

    Most likely people will mini AOR SPG Personal/Biz + Marriott Personal/Biz …. maybe this is CSR wave no. 2…

    Do you think with this confirmed 3:1 transfer with status match, Amex would still bust out 35k again? because thats over 100k Marriott points! wow. this merger business is going much faster than i had expected… very interesting… But i guess Amex CC offer has nothing to do with whatever SPG and Marriott wants to do with 3:1 transfer rate… hmm…

    • Given this status match is new, there is no way to tell 100% because it could be a Hyatt MLife restricted scenario. HOWEVER… why dont you just try it now and verify? Registration required so thats the ultimate test after you SPG match. May take a few days for Marriott to register you although its “instant”.

  2. Most hotel programs are cooperative and generous in letting a husband and wife pool separate points for an award, but it can involve phone calls and faxing in forms. cough – Hyatt.

    SPG is the best because you can simply pool all points in a household by transferring them to single account.

    This now means that you can pool Marriott points by using SPG, and if desired, transfer right back to Marriott in a single account.

    • I plan to pool our Marriott points for the nights and flights to get the companion pass in 2017, so I guess I can transfer the points without the fee from Marriott now. They wanted $10, I think.

  3. I am planning to use the Marriott flight and hotel package to get the CP from Southwest. Do you think we would be able to pick the 100,000 point SW package and then later book an SPG property for the weeks stay or will we have to stay within Marriott? I probably wouldn’t book the hotel portion for several months into the year.


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