Miles to Memories Reselling: A New Facebook Group for Gift Card Arbitrage & Merchandise Reselling!


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Miles to Memories Reselling Facebook Group

A few months back I created the Miles to Memories Travel Hacking Facebook group as an extension of this website. It has grown to about 2,300 members since then and I feel that it does provide a lot of value for the people who join and participate. Our community is knowledgeable and friendly which makes the world of difference. If you aren’t in the group and are interested, come join us!

Given the success of the Travel Hacking group, I am now ready to launch another endeavor. As of today you can also join the Miles to Memories – Reselling Facebook group. Unlike the general “Travel Hacking” group, this group will be for discussing both merchandise and gift card reselling from a miles & points perspective. There will be no charge to join, though as always I ask that members consider supporting this site if they find value.

Miles to Memories – Reselling Group Link

I do plan to create and publish some original content for that group as we may discuss some topics that don’t fit into what I normally write about on Miles to Memories. I know a lot of you have questions about selling on Amazon as well as gift card arbitrage. This will be the perfect place to get some answers! Of course, it takes time to build a community so please give us a bit to get things up and running!

As always I am open to suggestions. See you in the group!

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  1. It is hard to imagine you could manage frequentmiler’s blog and your own and still have time to do amazon FBA. That is simply amazing.


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