Amex Platinum Cheap AU Trick, American Airlines Abandons Tempe, Free Groceries Through MS & More!


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Posts That Caught My Eye

American Airlines leaving downtown Tempe

The company decided long ago to move the old US Airways executives to Dallas, but had announced they were looking to keep their old corporate headquarters building in Downtown Tempe. Things have changed though and they are leaving that building when the lease is up at the end of 2016. Not a huge deal since they are keeping several other buildings/offices around the Phoenix area.

American Express Personal Platinum Cards – Add up to 5 AMEX GOLD Authorized Users for $45

When I got the Business Platinum card a few months ago, I quickly added authorized Green cards for free. Unfortunately the personal Platinum card doesn’t have a free option, but being able to add up to 5 Gold cards for $45 seems to be totally worth it considering Amex Offers and Small Business Saturday. Unfortunately it can’t be done online.

Food is Free!

Yes time is often our currency in this game, but for many like me it is totally worth it. Great analogy and story. Simple and to the point.

$40 Sam’s Club Gift Cards Back in Stock – Use 2 AmEx Offers for You for Free Sam’s Club/Walmart Gift Cards – $36 Reselling Profit Possible

A long title, but this is definitely still an opportunity for those of you who registered, but haven’t redeemed this amazing Amex Offer which expires on 9/30. I certainly hope they choose to give out free money again soon. I know I have certainly enjoyed it.

Great Deals

  • Perhaps I am in the baby mode, but Groupon has a few really good deals on portraits. They are also offering 30% off with the code PHOTO30. Don’t forget to use a portal as well to save even more.
  • eBay has a couple of new gift card deals. Nothing spectacular, but it could be worth it for people who actually use the cards for their intended purpose! Also, don’t forget portals, eBay Bucks & the iTunes cards should earn5X with Chase Ink.

Have a great evening!

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  1. On the website, the $40 Sam’s Club gift card says “Estimated arrival Oct 2”. Wouldn’t want to take a chance they wait until October 1 to bill and ship.

  2. Interesting enough, I saw the same thing about the shipping date, but chose “Value Shipping” and it had estimated delivery date of September 29th.

  3. Amex is usually pretty good though if there is an issue. I’m not worried about that, even if Sam’s does try and manipulate it.


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