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Posts That Caught My Eye

Quizzle Switches To TransUnion From Equifax Without Informing Users

Now that they have switched to TransUnion, I think Quizzle is probably a lot less useful. Credit Karma is still my favorite of all of these services, although I don’t really rely on the scores and have had free credit monitoring for a couple of years now due to various data breaches at Target, T-Mobile and other merchants.

CONFIRMED: American Airlines Launching Los Angeles – Hong Kong (Cat’s Out of the Bag)

This is really good news I think, especially since Cathay Pacific has been incredibly stingy in releasing award space lately. Of course, premium cabin costs on this route are jumping up (in the case of 1st class almost doubling), so let’s pray they load these flights into the system before March 22. I actually have a trip coming up in October for which this would be helpful. Also I hope having an L.A. flight will mean more space opens up on the DFW-HKG route.

6 travel apps for people who trust strangers

Some of these apps are terrible ideas, although I know the younger generations tend to have less problems with these things. There is even an app that will let you, “Share your hotel room with a stranger!” Well, at first that does sound terrible, but is that really any different than staying in a hostel dorm? These things aren’t for me, but I found the ideas interesting to look at.

United’s Fleet Shift: More New Now!

Yet another airline dumping the 747-400 from its fleet. Of course this isn’t a surprise, but it will be sad to see that bird go. What won’t be sad is seeing those dumpy little 50 seat regional planes go. Flying them is really a terrible experience.

Seven top travel mistakes — and how to avoid them

This is a Rick Steves article and thus it is very mainstream, but I still found it a good read. Perhaps my favorite mistake and something I struggle with is, “Saving money at the expense of time.” Time is very valuable, especially if you only have a limited amount of it to travel. While so many of us in this hobby are always trying to maximize, sometimes it is alright to just pay.

Great Deals

  • Groupon is offering 20% off local deals through tomorrow with the code OFF20. The code expires tomorrow 3/9. Use a portal to save more.
  • I covered a number of good eBay gift card deals this morning. Don’t forget to check if you were targeted for 10% in eBay Bucks. Details here.

Have a great evening!

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  1. I refuse to waste time flying just to get in a nicer cabin. I pick whichever is best route to get me where I need to go in least amount of time with miles. If I can do it in premium great, but I won’t waste 1 day of my vacation and fly out of my way to do it in business or first. Travel is about the destination in the end.

  2. I have enjoyed Rivk Steves since the last 70’s who talked about packing with one bag light long before airlines added fees for luggage.
    As for the time Vs money, I rather pay for a inter Europe flight that is direct that have a 6 hour layover somewhere with a free miles ticket.,
    I have always said you can make more money, you can’t make more time.

  3. Shawn, I love the blog even if my MS is basically non-existent anymore since Amazon and RedCard stopped being a possibility.

    Here it comes—every time I read Miles to Memories, I cannot help but think of that one particular Seinfeld episode:

    Any chance you could cut down on the exclamation points?


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