MSing at Sea, Hilton Locking Customers In, New Chase Denial Data Points & More!


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Posts That Caught My Eye

Giving up on Drop? Unlink your accounts!

A good reminder to make sure to withdraw their access to your accounts if you decide to get rid of Drop given the recent issues with them.

Chase Denying Applications If You’ve Received Sign Up Bonus In The Last 24 Months (Rather Than Denying Bonus)

Chase has long had a rule that you can only get a new cardmember bonus on their products once per 24 months. In the past you could still get approved for a card if you were within that time period, but you wouldn’t get the bonus. Now it seems that they may be enforcing things differently.

Confirmed: 1.5cpp FlexPerks starts 12/31

FlexPerks points will soon be worth up to 25% less than before. While that sounds bad on the surface, it may actually be an improvement for some.

Hilton Follows Marriott Instituting Customer Unfriendly 48 To 72 Hour Cancellation Policy On “Flexible” Rates

Shorter cancellation windows allow hotel chains to lock customers in to their rate. In the age of information many customers no doubt cancel their reservations close-in in favor of a cheaper last minute rate. I predict shorter cancellation windows will become the new norm as hotel chains work to protect rates and revenue.

What I learned from MS at Sea

There is always a lot of interest in this topic at conferences. Yes, you can definitely achieve some nice spending on cruise ships in the right situation. This is a great example of how it works in the real world.

Electronics Screening When Flying from the Middle East

This is a great first hand account of how new security checks for electronics have been implemented in the Middle East. Be prepared to turn on your devices and to have them swiped for bomb residue.

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