LEAKED! Details of the new Mlife Rewards Mastercard: Will It Be Worth Considering?


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Mlife Rewards Mastercard

Mlife Rewards Mastercard Leaked Info

Yesterday I covered the news of Mlife’s significant rebranding effort. Instead of simply being known as Mlife, the program is now called Mlife Rewards and they have a new website. As part of yesterday’s earth shattering announcement, the company teased another announcement coming in June where they will, “introduce an exciting new way to earn more rewards.”

Well I think we now know what that “exciting” new way is. Mlife Rewards is getting ready to launch a new co-branded credit card with First National Bank of Omaha. The news comes from Vegas Bright who managed to find a PDF file on the Mlife Rewards website that is designed to coach employees about the product.

Mlife Rewards Mastercard Details

Mlife Rewards Mastercard
From the leaked PDF. Screenshot from Vegas Bright.

Here is how you will earn points according to the linked PDF:

  • 3x points per $1 spent at M life Rewards Destinations
  • 2x points per $1 spent on gas and at supermarkets
  • 1x point per $1 spent everywhere else
  • 1 Tier Credit for every point earned

“Points earned on the M life Rewards MasterCard can be redeemed for FREEPLAY® or Express Comps™ for use towards rooms, dining, and entertainment.”

This is how the sign-up bonus will work:

  • 10,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first 3 billing cycles

Among the cardholder benefits of the card are:

  • Priority hotel check-in at M life Rewards Destinations
  • Automatic upgrade to Pearl status which includes…
  • Complimentary self-parking at Las Vegas M life Rewards Destinations
  • Buffet line pass at Las Vegas M life Rewards Destinations
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees
  • No Annual Fee

Is This A Good Product?

Mlife Rewards Mastercard
The Chase co-branded Hyatt card is probably a better overall deal.

Well many will tout the Pearl status and free parking that comes with it, I would argue that the Hyatt credit card is a significantly better product. It comes with 2 free nights as a sign-up bonus and a free night annually in exchange for the $75 annual fee. So you do pay an annual fee, but you get a free night at any category 1-4 property. In my opinion that is worth it.

Additionally the Hyatt credit card gives you Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum status which can be matched to Mlife Gold. In other words, it gives you a higher status than the Pearl status Mlife’s own credit card will give. That means all of the above mentioned benefits and a few more such as modest room upgrades.

One Good Use for the New Mlife Rewards Card

While this may be a stretch, members may be able to use the Mlife Rewards Mastercard to top off there tier credits in order to qualify for the next tier. It remains to be seen if you will get a tier multiplier bonus for tier credits earned from the card, but a lot of MS at grocery stores could result in earning Platinum status and getting a free cruise and other benefits. I see this is a very niche scenario and one that most people won’t find themselves in.


For most people, utilizing the Hyatt credit card and the Mlife status match will be the best way to go in order to avoid parking in Las Vegas. I find it interesting that Mlife Rewards is finally getting a credit card, but I am underwhelmed by the value and feature set. With that said, I’m sure they will sell plenty of them at check-in with the promise of free parking!

What do you think about the new Mlife Rewards Mastercard? Let us know in the comments!

HT: @Tsqueeze678 on Twitter

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  1. Really sad to see a titan like Mlife finally have a CC deal then busts out such a crappy low grade card for their first co-brand intro. What were they thinking? dude… Might as well go with Synchrony Bank or Comenity Bank if youre gonna suck anyway. Its obvious the bottom line was the most important to them. Stupid. The worst part is that Mlife execs may judge their future CC strategies based on this crappy BETA test project.

    They need to go with someone like AMEX or JPM Chase and bust out some crazy crap like multiple tiered annual fee cards maybe in the $195 range on the Visa Sig or World Elite network w/ 50k points sign up bonus. Then add in some insane MGM perks. I would even pay $450 for the AMEX Mlife Plat card if it had some ridiculous perks. Maybe the other banks didnt want gambling attached to their brand. That would be stupid though.

  2. I guess it’s a fallback plan to get Pearl status (for parking & glad to hear priority check-in too), if you’re a frequent Vegas vacationer and locked out of Hyatt card due to 5/24.

  3. Second Ninja’s comments. On the surface, the perks are pretty poor. I’ll stick with the Hyatt card thank you.

  4. I am loving the MLife Platinum from the recent hotel matches. I got Hilton Diamond for having SPG Gold, which was only from getting the SPG Amex, although I did have a few nights with HIlton. Then I got Hyatt to match the Hilton Diamond, and now MLife is Platinum!

  5. The parking charge which starts the 6th will keep a lot of locals away from MGM properties . Caesars is definitely watching this.
    This credit card is a joke. Maybe the FICO required will be really low. That’s about it’s only chance of success.
    Now, if they would let me bet football with it and treat that as a purchase, they’d have something great.
    Question: Does using Hyatt card at MGM properties earn 3x Hyatt points?

  6. Boycott MGM, they have the greed to be the only vegas casino to charge players and hotel guests to park. They built a concert venue with no parking and decided pay parking at all their properties was the way to fix it. They are even taking away free drinks at video poker bars in the Mirage and putting it on a timed voucher system. They are greedy scum trying to set a precedent in Vegas…if they succeed other casinos will follow….personally I hope they lose their butts on the parking, they are giving locals until the end of the year, and lower elite players will lose free parking eventually, they just didn’t want everyone complaining at once!!!…Ihope they lose on buying the Borgota in atlantic city too!…the new credit card looks like a loser as well….they are planning on spending a ton to renovate monte carlo in Vegas, they need to tear it down and build a parking lot…..guess who they want to foot the bill?!?….Boycott MGM

  7. Well I got the mlife card this weekend, and I have been using it every where I was so excited. Then I go on to my online banking and its not showing me any of my transactions. My balance is zero. so I go online and I am reading that the First National Bank of Omaha is the worst bank ever and the online and customer service sucks and their website is like stepping back in time and it is. so I am kind of regretting my decision on getting this card. but it has only been a weekend. we will see what happens.

  8. I would like to know if you are earning 25 points for every dollar spent at the MGM resorts with the players card, will the Mlife credit card used at the resorts affect those points or just be an additional 3 times the points added to the total per dollar? thank you


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