More BLAH On The Sunshine Coast!


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Days 309-311 Saturday-Monday February 23-25, 2008 – Alex Headlands, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Unfortunately, I have another post where there is not much to report on. Australia’s Sunshine Coast sits about an hour north of Brisbane and is another popular vacation destination. In hoping that we would get better weather, we enthusiastically began our drive, but as things would have it, the weather wasn’t great. This forced us to stay close to the holiday park once again. That feeling of sadness began creeping back in.

On Sunday we managed to put it aside for a while and get down to beach. While the weather wasn’t great, we utilized an hour of sunshine for swimming before the rain continued and we had to rush back inside. Before taking a shower to clean off, Shawn Reece ran to the car to get some clean clothes and managed to lock the keys inside. This kept us stuck much of the afternoon while we waited for Hertz to send someone. Of course, the $100AUD they charged didn’t make us feel any happier. We were starting to feel like being in this area was a waste of our time and money.

Note: The rest of this post was lost due to a data failure and was not able to be recovered.


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