More Pay Over Time Offers Sent Out – An Easy 10K In Points!

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More Pay Over Time Offers Sent Out – An Easy 10K In Points!

Doctor of Credit is reporting that a new batch of offers is going out via email.

We have seen a few different Pay Over Time offers from American Express being reported in our Facebook Group.  These are some of my favorite offers out there and come with 10,000 FREE Membership Rewards points.

What Is Pay Over Time

If you are not familiar with Pay Over time here is a quick run down of the program. This program essentially changes your charge card into a credit card for large purchases. Here is how Amex describes the benefits:

  • No fee to enroll.
  • Added flexibility to pay eligible charges over time with interest.
  • Simply choose each month to pay in full, the minimum amount due, or anything in between. It’s your choice.
  • All eligible charges of $100 or more can be paid over time.

And for turning this feature on American Express will give people 10,000 points.

Where Do You Find The Offers

These offers come via regular snail mail or sometimes people find them in their Amex Offers section of their account when logged in.  Remember that these offers will only appear for charge cards. Most people are reporting getting them in the mail this time around.

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These offers are some of my favorite. There is not an easier 10K offer out there.  Just remember to activate it but don’t actually use the service since that would mean you are paying interest.

Let me know in the comments section if you were targeted.


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  1. I had my identity stolen about a year ago and the credit bureaus put me on the service where you don’t receive solicitations via the mail anymore … as such, I never get these offers like I used to.

    Anyone know if there’s a way to remove / downgrade the fraud alert to allow this?

    I’m sure for the average person, having it is great, but not in the churning/etc biz.

  2. This is why I never enroll when applying for the card, they make it really easy to hit that “yes” button.

  3. Do you know if this is per card? I did this on my amex plat 1 year ago and now I opened a Gold card and was wondering if some people has gotten the offer on two different charge cards.

    • Yeah each card is eligible for the bonus. I would guess you may see it around the 1 year mark for the Gold card.

  4. I only started getting these this year and only on two personal cards that have annual fees due. I thought it was only when you’re card is up for renewal but then I got it on the Biz Gold right about the time they announced the changes to the card even though annual fee is not due until Jan/Feb.

  5. I’m getting the offer in the mail every few weeks even though I signed up for it almost two months ago!

    The pay over time feature used to allow you to toggle it on or off. Now it seems automatic. Any idea how to toggle it to off? I can’t find a way. I’m on auto pay and I don’t want to actually use pay over time. And I don’t want to cancel it too soon for fear of them yanking back my bonus.

    • I am not sure how to turn it on or off. Maybe chat with them and see what they say. I wouldn’t worry about it if you are paying the bill in full every month it won’t matter either way.


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