New Money Making Plastiq Promotion for Businesses


Plastiq Promotion for Businesses

New Money Making Plastiq Promotion for Businesses

Plastiq is back once again with a new promotion. This one is for businesses only and it can cut down the processing fee in half for your first $20,000 you charge on a credit card.

The Offer

  • Each new business who signs up using your unique code/link and pays $10,000 worth of bills through Plastiq by March 31st, you will each will earn 10,000 fee-free dollars.

Sign Up Here (our referral)

Key Terms

  • Anyone is eligible to refer a new business. However only new business accounts will quality for the promotion.
  • When you create a new Plasitq account you will automatically receive that 50 fee-free-dollars in your account.
  • After you make your $10,000 worth of business payments you will see a credit for 10,000 FFD’s in your account.
  • Plastiq reserves the right to update any promotion at any time.


Plastiq charges a 2.5% fee for bill payments. During this promotion you will have to pay that fee for the first $10,000 that you spend with a credit card for your business. But you will earn $10,000 in fee-free dollars. That means that you can pay that same amount using any credit card and you will pay no fee. So the processing fee should average out to 1.25%. If you’re using a card that earns more than that, it’s definitely worth it.

If you’re never tried Plastiq and don’t have a business, you can sign up through my referral and earn $500 fee-free dollars. That means that you can pay a $500 bill with a credit card with no fee.

Please contact for any inquiries or questions that you might have, or you can ask in the comments as well.

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