An App You Will Want On Your Next Trip: Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts is a great travel app.

Podcasts Help to Pass Time On Long Trips

I have been listening to podcasts pretty much since their beginning back around 2004-2005. During my family’s around the world trip, we used iPods which were a pain to sync with our laptop. (If we could even find a fast enough internet connection to download them.) In fact, when we broke our laptop during the trip and bought a new one, it required us to format all of our iPods to sync with the new computer. What a pain!

Nowadays things are so much easier. iPods have been replaced by iPhones or other smartphones and all of our devices pretty much have their own internet connection. Even with that convenience, I struggled to find a decent app that would manage all of my podcasts. Then one day I discovered Pocket Casts.

Pocket Casts Is A Must For Travel

Pocket Casts is an amazing app that I have now been using for about two years. Not only does it keep track of all of your podcast (both audio & video) subscriptions, but it also syncs them across devices. If I play a podcast on my phone and then go to my iPad, it knows where I left off. Additionally, if I add a new podcast on one device, the other one automatically has it as well.

For me, having something to listen to is essential during long plane/bus/train journeys. Since my family and I travel that way often, the app has become invaluable. While my wife often listens to music, my son uses Pocket Casts as much as I do when we are traveling. Now that he has a one hour bus ride to school, he continues to use it every day.

Cool Features

Pocket Casts for travel

Pocket Casts also has other nifty features that set it apart like variable speed playback which I use often. I often listen to longer podcasts at 1.2x speed to get through them quicker. If you want podcasts to download automatically, that can be setup as well. You can set them to download only over Wi-fi and set some to manual and others to auto. They really have thought of everything.

In addition to the great features, the app is really beautiful and works well. Everything from the menus to the way podcasts are displayed has been carefully thought out and is intuitive. They recently released version 4.0 which fixed a few minor UI issues of the app. I really have no complaints.


I have no relationship with Shift Jelly and receive nothing for writing this review. As a traveler I am always looking for new and helpful apps to make my life easier. Pocket Casts definitely falls into that category and is worth every bit of the $3.99 pricetag. You can find links to the iPhone, iPad and Android versions along with all other relevant information on their website.

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