The Hidden Gem of CASHBACK Portals: Details of My Latest Discovery!


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RetailMeNot Cashback Feature: Huge Savings

RetailMeNot Cashback Feature: Huge Savings

I recently discovered an awesome shopping tool. I’m not sure if I’m late to the party or if I accidentally discovered a gold mine. Eitherway, I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been using for years to look up online promo codes and in-store coupons, but I recently became aware of it’s cashback feature. The cashback feature basically works the same way as a cashback portal but overall the payouts seem to be higher and are structured as a set dollar amount rather than a variable percentage of your order total.

What’s even more interesting about this site is that it makes it clear that the cashback offers stacks with other deals. Most shopping portals feature a disclaimer saying if you use this with another deal or promocode not found on that specific site, your cashback will be invalidated or something to that effect. RetailMeNot tells you to stack it.

How RetailMeNot’s Cashback Feature Works

RetailMeNot is different than traditional shopping portals in that it gives a fixed amount of cashback for a certain purchase amount. For example, the Sears offer through is:

  • Get $10 cash back on $50+, $20 cash back on $100 or $30 cash back on $150+ for online purchases.

RetailMeNot Cashback Feature: Huge Savings

If you look at cashback monitor, you’ll see the highest payout percentage today is 8%. For Sears, the RetailMeNot offer is as high as 20% cashback.

RetailMeNot Cashback Feature: Huge Savings

Stacking For a Better Deal

In the RetailMeNot search box, input the retailer. This will take you to a sort of deals page for that retailer which includes current promotions, promo codes or coupons, cash back amounts as well as some helpful tips to save extra money. Here’s what the Sears page looks like.

RetailMeNot Cashback Feature: Huge Savings

If you click on a promotion, it will also automatically give you an opportunity to click the cashback link for the retailer. Normally, you risk your cashback if you use a promotion code that’s not listed in the specific portal.

RetailMeNot Cashback Feature: Huge Savings

Tracking Cashback

RetailMeNot has a great system that keeps you up to date about the status of your cash back. Generally, when you click on an offer you get an email that let’s you know you’ve activated the offer.

RetailMeNot Cashback Feature: Huge Savings

Once you’ve made a purchase, you’ll generally get another email letting you know your purchase has been confirmed and your cashback is pending. I made a purchase last night at 11:30 and received the email today before 10 AM.

RetailMeNot Cashback Feature: Huge Savings

Redeeming Cashback

Redeeming cashback couldn’t be easier. Once your cashback is payable, you simply go to your RetailMeNot wallet and click “My Rewards” where you’ll input your Paypal info. Your cashback is then deposited straight into your paypal account.


RetailMeNot is a great savings resource that many online shoppers already use for promotion codes and coupons. If you’re purchase amount is well over the cashback requirement, you may be better off with the more traditional percentage based portal payout scheme. You should definitely add it to your routine when deciding which shopping portal to use and make sure you do the math to see which cashback offer will give you the highest amount for your purchase.


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  1. Bethany,

    In your example why did you not choose the $30 off a $150 purchase? Unless your net total was less than $150. I figured you would be over $150 before the taxes, but perhaps S&H came into play.

    Nice post and good find!

    • Nice catch! I did actually. I just thought Sears was a good example because they had both the much higher payout and coupons to use The email was for a different deal I redeemed for Nike cashback.


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