A New Prepaid Visa with a Bonkers $250 Bonus Is Here: Is It Too Good to be True & My Application Experience!

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Sakura Reloadable Visa Offer

Sakura Reloadable Visa Offer – Is It Legit & $250 Bonus

Over the years many a prepaid card has come and gone from my life. Admittedly I sign up for these things MUCH less often than before, but I do try to jump on an opportunity when one presents itself. Enter this Sakura reloadable Visa offer. 

Sakura is a new player in this space that appears to be throwing some money out there to attract business owners to their platform. After digging a little I found that their prepaid card program is run by the same bank that does Cash App, Robinhood and many others. Additionally the CEO and other principals came from Square. It does seem legit.

But their offer just seems bonkers. Here it is:

Sakura Reloadable Visa Offer

In case you can’t see it, their site basically says they’ll send your reloadable Visa card with $200 already on it after your accounts is approved. 

Here is how Sakura reloadable Visa offer works:

Sakura Reloadable Visa Offer

Seems simple enough. They give you $200 and you spend it on your business! Again, it seems too good to be true, but it seemingly (hopefully) isn’t.

An Additional $50 Bonus

The title says $250 so what gives? Apparently you can earn another $50 for completing a survey about the service. From their site:

Sakura is seeking your feedback! Once you’ve signed up for your Visa card, let us know how the process was by taking a brief survey. We’ll load an additional $50 on your debit card once you’re finished!

Sakura Reloadable Visa Offer – Application Experience

Just in case you are hesitant to try this out, I went ahead and decided to be the guinea pig. 🙂 The application wasn’t too bad and the terms didn’t seem out of the ordinary to me.

Here are a couple of noteworthy takeaways from the Sakura reloadable Visa offer application:

It should be a soft pull – You do have to provide your social security number, but the site says there shouldn’t be a credit impact meaning it should be a soft credit pull. I haven’t received any credit monitoring alerts since doing the application either which is a good sign.

They ask you to link your business bank account(s) – In an optional step you can link your business bank accounts to their service. I suppose this is so they can make sure they are handing out their hard earned money to legit business owners. I opted NOT to give them this information as I don’t feel it is any of their business.

Your application goes to processing – My guess is this company is still small and they aren’t going to hand out all that money to just anyone. So yes this offer is up to $250 but only if they approve you. Who knows what they are looking for, but I suspect they are looking for high value businesses as clients to show potential investors down the line.

They want to sell you more down the line – According to the Sakura site the company will be offering business lines of credit soon. As mentioned above, this is an offer to establish a banking relationship to sell you other products down the line.

Bottom Line

When someone dangles a carrot of $250 in front of my mouth I tend to bite. In this case the company checked out and I am intrigued to give this product a try. Hopefully the $200 ($250) will come with no issues, but I’ll make sure to report back either way.

Does anyone else have experience with the Sakura reloadable Visa offer? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Don’t forget to send in your Arbitration Opt Out letter after you sign up:

    You may opt out of this Arbitration Provision by sending an arbitration opt out notice to Sakura Credit, Inc., 576 Sacramento Street, 3rd floor, San Francisco, CA 94111, Attention: Legal Department, which is received at the specified address within 30 days of the date of your electronic acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. The opt out notice must clearly state that you are rejecting arbitration; identify the Agreement to which it applies by date; provide your name, address, and social security number; and be signed by you.

  2. What a great find – thank you! I applied. We’ll see how it goes.

    Shawn – didn’t see where to complete that survey. Any ideas?

  3. Hi Shaun,

    Sakura Credit support team, here. First of all, thank you for writing this review!

    I wanted to clarify for those reading that there is no credit pull for this card – hard or soft. In the future, should we offer a lending product, there would be a separate application process and terms for that product and we will reserve the right to pull credit (hard pull) at that time. That is only if an individual chooses to apply, and we will make it very clear during the application process.

    Thank you!

    The Sakura Team


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