Great Deal – $142 Sam’s Club Membership Package for ~$40! (Or Around $20 Net)

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sams club discount membership

Sam’s Club Groupon Deal

When it comes to big box warehouse stores, the debate rages between who is best. In general most people settle on Costco, but not everyone has a Costco location nearby.

Sam’s Club is still a decent option, especially when you can get a fantastic deal on their membership. Right now Groupon is offering a Sam’s Club membership package for $45 that includes quite a bit. You get:

  • 1 year Sam’s Plus Membership ($100 value)
  • $20 Sam’s Club gift card
  • Free food certificates for chicken, salsa and cupcakes. ($22.94 combined value.)

sams club discount membership

Sam’s Plus Membership

Unlike previous deals this one comes with the upgraded Sam’s Plus Membership. This option normally costs more and includes:

  • $10 cash rewards for every $500 in qualifying purchases, up to $500 annually
  • $130 in special members-only instant savings
  • Early shopping hours, 7 a.m. Monday – Saturday (hours may vary by club)

So basically you get in earlier and receive a 2% rebate when you spend $500. Not anything I would generally pay more for, but at this price it is nice and I know some people spend a ton of money at these types of stores.

Save Even More

Since this is being sold by Groupon, you can earn an additional discount by starting through a shopping portal. I searched several portals and it seems SavingStar has the best deal right now at 10% back.


Considering you are receiving a $20 gift card, you really end up paying about $20 for the membership and free food. If you were ever planning on getting a Sam’s Club membership then this is probably as good a time as any.

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  1. Testing the new site on my phone! First thing I noticed was how I didn’t have huge lag between trying to enter my name/email. It was instant!

    As far as this Sam’s offer, I basically picked up the same deal on their plus membership over the holidays. I have both Costco and a Sam’s nearby, and after looking at what both have to offer, I’ve come to the conclusion Sam’s Club is a poor man’s Costco. Sam’s is a Wal-Mart in bulk and has little to no quality food or organics. The people also aren’t as friendly. In a way it’s almost like Target vs Wal-Mart. As you know, it’s night and day difference when loading a prepaid Amex product at each!

    I’m sure this offer will be great for some people. Sam’s does have a wide assortment of non-perishables and as you said if you don’t have a nearby Costco this is your best bet.

    • I was a Sam’s Club member for years (and still am), because the nearest Costco was across town and Sam’s Club was up the street. Now that I have moved, Costco is closer and I got there all of the time. I agree that Costco is a better store overall, but I would still go to whichever is most convenient.

      Thanks Anthony!


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