Stacking Options to Get You a Cheap/Free Sam’s Club Membership

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Sam's Club Membership

Stacking Options to Get You a Cheap/Free Sam’s Club Membership

Sam’s Club has a promotion that will get you a $10 gift card and other goodies when you sign up for a new membership. Stacking this with other offers makes it even better. Let’s check the details.

The Offer

Join as a Sam’s Club member for only $45 and get $25 in Vudu movie credits, a $10 Sam’s Club gift card and a free meal which includes:

  • 16″ pizza baked fresh in club
  • 2 liter of Coca-Cola® or Diet Coke®
  • 6 chocolate chunk cookies
  • 1 order of cheesy breadsticks with marinara

Offer valid only when you join between May 8–June 7, 2018.

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$20 Bonus from Acorns

Acorns has a deal that expires today. It can get you $20 for signing up for Sam’s Club. Use an Acorns-linked card when you sign up for a Sam’s Club Membership and they’ll invest $20 into your Acorns account! Limit one reward per customer. This promotion is only valid for a transaction of exactly $45.00 or $100.00.

This offer expires before midnight (Pacific Time) on May 14, 2018.

If you don’t have an Acorns account, you get $5 for signing up through a referral, and you also get a chance at earning $1,000 by inviting 12 friends this month.


By stacking these offers, you pay $45 for the membership and you get back a $10 Sam’s Club gift card and $20 invested into your Acorns account. So your actual expenses are just $15 and for that you get the membership, $25 in Vudu movie credits, and free food items.

Having a Sam’s Club membership should come in handy, even if you don;t have a location nearby. They often have gift card deals and today there’s also a new Amex Offer that should be a moneymaker.

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  1. Pizza is worth $6, 2 liter .75, cookies $1.25, sams club card $9.50, vudu credits zero. (To ME) And I have some year and a half old vudu credits that I have not used to prove it. (Unless they expired)

    So when I do the math, I get 8+9.50=17.50.

    Acorns sounds like more trouble than its worth if it even works.

    So, I spend $45 for $17.50 means $27.50 for a sams club membership. And I like going but its hard to get $27.50 to me.

    I can go to Costco whenever I please with a gift card and I have plenty of them.

    Sams is closer, Id go more. But I cannot save $27.50 in a year. Plus, push comes to shove, I can go with a family member for free. Or get in free to buy beer & scripts which do not require a membership.

    I run into this every time they have a groupon offer and the math just does not work unless I REALLY lie to myself. Even with cashback from groupon and a 10% discount from groupon gift cards.

      • Thanks, but I do not carry an amex. Been thinking about it but most of the deals don’t really fit someone like me who prefers simplicity to large spends. I also don’t have an INK card of any kind and the last time I called, they were not about to give me one even when I threatened to cancel my regular chase card.

        My spends tend to revolve around Discover and Chase 5% and Fidelity for everything else. Ive had a BOA forever but they recently insisted that I spend or they were closing the card. I spent $1.00. LOL

        Penfed did that awhile back but I am probably going to let the gas card go because their 5% is not 5% and I always get more than 5% on gas. I never wanted that card in the first place but at the time, I did have a large for me spend, which is rare and the deal was pretty good although I cannot remember it.

        I almost opened a large Edge account which would have really bumped up the BOA rewards, I think. But, I found out their limit orders expire in a month and I am used to 6 months. That was a deal breaker for me. And I said no to a large bonus because of it. (I asked for their PEAK bonus during a non peak time, they said ok with a 9 month hold and I was going to do it until I found out about the 30 day limit orders)

        Instead, I deposited some extra cash to my current broker and got 500 free trades over 2 years. Will never use even half of them but it will allow me to clean up some small positions that I should have closed out long ago. I have to leave the new and existing money 9 months at which point I can pull it out and retain the free trades.

        I will try Edge the next time they have a peak offer but I can wait. I mean peak without a 9 month hold. That may be next April.

    • I’ve had issues with CO360 bank account as well. I had added my account maybe a year ago and recently it shows an error and can’t get it to link again. I sent them a message yesterday, but haven’t heard back yet. I linked 2 Amex cards with no issues though.

  2. How do you get Acorns to add a credit card to your profile? Can’t get it to work. Seems like you need a linked credit card that is used to pay for the Sams membership. Thx


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