Win a Free 4th of July Trip from Silvercar & More eBay Gift Card Deals


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eBay Gift Card Deal Roundup

silvercar giveaway ebay deals

eBay has a number of decent gift card discounts today. Here are the cards being sold listed by seller:


Paypal Digital Gifts

SVM Gift Cards


I personally bought the Toys R Us gift cards since they seem to be going fast and I don’t think they’ll last longer than today. As of right now they can be sold for 80% (break-even) but you will of course make around 1% from a portal and 2% in eBay Bucks. This is also a good way to get rid of discounted eBay gift cards from the recent deals.

As for the other gift cards, I have my eye on them, but am holding off for now. Generally the slower selling deals stick around and I am hoping for a 3/4/5x eBay Bucks promotion to make those cards worth buying. Like I said, Toys R Us most likely won’t last past today, so I did jump on that one.

Note: Purchases from Paypal Digital Gifts have been known to earn 5x with Chase Ink. Purchases from the other sellers do not. You can buy eBay gift cards through Paypal Digital Gifts and then later use them to purchase other gift cards, but eBay gift cards take about 4 hours to activate and the deal may not stick around.

Silvercar Giveaway


I just received an email from Silvercar about a 4 day 3 night trip to Austin they are giving away.

The trip includes:

  • Round trip flights (Arrive July 2 – Depart July 5)
  • 3 nights at Heywood Hotel
  • 4 days in a Silvercar
  • Meals at top rated Austin restaurants including Uchiko, Odd Duck, La Condesa, and Hopdoddy
  • A list of our favorite things to do around town

Entry period ends this Friday, June 26th and there is one email entry per person. You can enter here and earn additional entries by visiting their site and liking and sharing on social media.

Entertainment Books for $6

This was added to the post after publishing, but I thought it was worth sharing.

Right now you can get an Entertainment book for $6 with free shipping. To get that price simply use the code: MISSYOU6.

Entertainment books aren’t as good as they used to be in my opinion, however I still find some useful stuff and for $6 I think this is a no-brainer. I often buy a book if I am traveling to a city or locale for awhile, since one coupon more than makes up for the price of the book. Portals also pay up to 17.5% back as well.

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  1. You’re definitely right about the Toys ‘RUs ones, sold out.

    Thank you for highlighting them as I’m trying to get into reselling myself (at least to break even). I’m moving to the Bay Area soon so I would likely need to find other creative avenues to meet minimum spending.

        • Ah ok. I live technically in the 9 county bay area (Solano County) but we’re a fraction of the cost of living ha.

          Around here getting vgc from grocery stores is like pulling teeth. Basically given up on it frankly. Safeway is your best bet and it’s very YMMV.

          • I noticed that, it definitely is easier in Socal in some regards and I’ll miss that convenience for sure. I’m visiting right now and you’re right about it pulling teeth. Staples would be worthwhile if you don’t mind the very small return (still a return), but it’s become my new favorite store.

            We’re at a point where banks don’t need to come crawling for business so there’ll be obstacles no matter what, either lower offers or more scrutiny before approval.

  2. Great analysis on the eBay gift cards. I echo every single point and thought process.

    Bought the Toys R Us but I’m waiting on the rest as they sell slower and Ebay may throw out one last ebay bucks offer for the Q2 before they release ebay bucks next quarter.

    One other related note. I’m hoping to max out Discover 5% (10% double promo) for home improvement with buying ebay gift cards from Lowe’s. I know they carry them but I’m not positive about Home Depot. I’ll probably have to clear the shelf and then wait for them to restock lol. I have three Discover cards to use so that’s $4,500 towards ebay gift cards. Only thing I’m not sure if is whether or not the eBay cards are variable or fixed load.

    • Most the ones I’ve seen are fixed but they might come variable too. If not, I try to pin a grocery store (even if it means making a third stop) if they sell grocery cards. That’s a really good idea about hitting both Lowes/Home Depot. I would do it, but right now don’t want to keep too much on gift cards. 🙂

      • Yeah IIRC they were $50 gift cards at Lowe’s. Hope I’m wrong. There was an amex deal earlier this year for Lowe’s and I used them for EBay and Amazon gift cards.

        I won’t sit on the eBay gift cards too long. Between gift card arbitrage and their ebay buck promos I’ll find ways to burn through them 🙂

        Where do you live in the Bay Area?

      • I was told by a Discover rep that you can have 2 of the same branded card, so I think you can have 3. If you have a Discover More, it might benefit you to PC… especially with the double cashback bonus for a year.

          • PC = product change.

            Discover More -> Discover It

            Discover More didn’t qualify for the double cash back.

          • If you have 1 of each wouldn’t it make more sense to apply for a 2nd Discover it card? That way you would have 3 Discovers (2 of which have access to the double cash back). If you change over the More you can never get to 3 as it is discontinued for new applicants unless the Discover it Miles is considered a different “brand”.

          • As pointed out by Anthony, you can have 2 each. Each of the IT cards are different… I think.

            It makes sense to PC (no bonus) from More –> IT so you can take advantage of Doublecash back. I did so because I didn’t want to take another Hard Inquiry while keeping the account history, but will have an option if I ever want to apply for another card for a bonus. More is the grandfathered card, yes, and it is no longer open to applicants.. but why would you when the successor IT is actually superior? It has all the same pros with 1% cashback non-categ spend. I think More’s was 0.25%.. lol.

            At this time, it’s not possible to upgrade to Miles, so you would need to apply for that. So in Anthony’s scenario, it makes sense.. plus it’s prob possible that his wife make him an authorized user.

      • Two It cards are in my wife’s name and one It is in my name, thus three total. AFAIK it’s two maximum per card type per person, as Shirley pointed out.

        We were able to convert her old More card to an It and register it for the double cash back promotion.

  3. @ Eric

    I can’t reply to that comment string anymore.

    The representative told me you’re allowed two Discover It per person so I gained no benefit by keeping the card as a More. The More is an old version and lacks the full array of benefits the It has, including a full 1% cash back (More is .25% believe it or not on all purchases non-bonus category).

    • Also worth noting that the rep confirmed you don’t lose your age of account when doing a PC. That alone was my biggest concern and I wouldn’t have done the switch if it did impact the age.

      • Same here! More’s my oldest card.. and it wasn’t getting any love lately. Most people PC either to avoid fees, as this product is a non-fee… I’d venture it only makes sense to keep the age of the account.

        • I had her tell me twice to confirm it didn’t impact the age of account, and she told me the second time “I’m 100% sure you will not lose the age of this account” lol!!

          Only thing I’ll miss is the seemingly higher chance of getting a spend $xx get $xx bonus b/c my More card was gathering a lot of dust 🙁

          The More does get the 5% rotating calendar though with the same $1,500/quarter limit. So before this double cash back promotion started, that was the one and only level playing field w/ the It version.

  4. Entertainment coupon is dead, but SAVE works for $8.00
    If that hyperlink above doesnt work (for those of us at work where h/links are blocked), just go straight to the Entertainment website.


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